C-netizens Heavily Criticize Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni for Attending Blackpink Lisa’s Guest Striptease at the Cabaret Show Crazy Horse Paris

Social norms are different in various cultures and this is one landmine that two C-actresses stepped in themselves rather stupidly. Blackpink member Lisa has been all over the pop news this week for doing a guest show at the famed cabaret show Crazy Horse Paris, which does strip tease and burlesque dancing shows that are well known and accepted with much less prude Europeans. Lisa herself did not go full nude, she did the usual three spot cover at the very end, but the usual shows that go on there are fully nude. A lot of celebs were in attendance for Lisa’s guest show including two Chinese actresses Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni. Both were invited by fashion companies obviously but Chinese netizens are overwhelmingly criticizing them for attending a show that has such low morals, objectifies women, and during a time of Mid-autumn festival which is a wholesome holiday all about spending time with family. If this gets bigger reportedly both ladies might get a talking to with the government entertainment bureau for not being good role models as public figures. Angelababy’s agency is on full damage control and has been buying the muting of hot searches on this topic.


C-netizens Heavily Criticize Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni for Attending Blackpink Lisa’s Guest Striptease at the Cabaret Show Crazy Horse Paris — 12 Comments

  1. It’s really their own fault. They have worked in C-ent for so long that they should know the Chinese values well and have some political sensitivity. Angelababy also wore a ring with a huge single eye on it in Paris, her team had some sense to edit the eye out when they released her photos (media photos unfortunately still show the eye), but why wear it in the first place if you know it may get you into trouble?

      • It has various religious symbolisms, some of which are seen as unorthodox in China. People also associated it with secret societies and what not. But the main issue still lies with them marketing about visiting what’s essentially a striptease club and to the Chinese public and authorities, that’s not befitting of a public figure who’s supposed to be a good role model.

      • In the Mediterranean and Middle East, it is a symbol to ward off evil (“the evil eye”). Why would that be frowned upon in China, who knows. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

      • @Nena Like I’ve said, it has various symbolisms. And different religions also don’t see eye to eye with each other (pun intended), much less China which is officially atheist.

    • I don’t think there is anything about the eye ring. The problem is still on attending show that objectifies women. And as far as I know, one eye can be associated with illuminati or dajjal which I don’t think chinese really care about

  2. Pfff, people are so stupid. If people don’t want to watch this kind of spectacle it’s their choice but they can’t force it to others…

  3. It will pass…not enough to affect these two artistes career..

    Love Lisa for taking on this project… She is having so much fun…and she did not strip, I bet she is happy she is not controlled by a management agency that never treated her as a equal to her bandmates.

  4. And here I thought Americans were sensitive. Anyway, I bet Lisa is getting dragged through the mud with her decision to take part in this show. As long as your old enough, you’re in charge of your own life. If you ain’t hurting anyone, does it really matter? Not getting the opportunity to freely practice your religion or express your sexuality, now that’s more concerning. Sometimes, with all the tax evasions and sex scandals Chinese celebs get into, its like a ticking time bomb for those who can’t freely be who they are.

  5. I don’t care but why did she choose Crazy horse ? Moulin Rouge is more emblematic as it has a great history, not to mention the beautiful posters painted by Toulouse Lautrec which became pieces of art . Even as a french native , i never was into this kind of spectacles . But it’s part of the Paris of artits ,Nana by ZOLA, artist works , classic movies ” French Cancan” and a France 2 TV drama movie of 2011 that i recommend “Mystère au Moulin Rouge ” , in 1892 Diane went to Paris to search for her sister whom she had lost track . She will be hired at Moulin Rouge to conduct her investigation because her sister worked there until disappearing . Suspens, romance, and the reality of the behind the scenes of the dancers .

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