Zhao Li Ying Considering Next Project as Another C-drama in Female Lead Driven Tearless Snow

So the rumor is that Zhao Li Ying is definitely A-list but is capped by her not being theater trained. So called “Ke Ban” which means a graduate of an arts academy or acting major, hence she has not been able to break into the more prestigious C-movies. If that’s true what a shame because she’s got major talent and in some ways more adaptable and versatile. Reportedly this road block has made her re-commit to C-dramas and after The Legend of Shen Li, which finished filming last year already and is just waiting airing, she is now considering the female lead centric C-drama Tearless Snow (also called Salty Snow). I’m all for her just slaying drama land if she wants to.


Zhao Li Ying Considering Next Project as Another C-drama in Female Lead Driven Tearless Snow — 31 Comments

  1. ZLY is perhaps the only C actress whose dramas I’m consistently interested to check out and invest in if appealing enough. Agreed on the assessment that she’s versatile. Versatility is an essential element for me to like an actor. I can’t stand acting all looking the same and reminding me of the actor him(her)self almost all the time. I don’t want to name specific names to offend their fans. But I think many so-called “old acting bones” and those who are younger with theater major in C-ent got this issue of looking pretty boring on screen. There might be something wrong with their theatrical training at schools in China.

    Also classifying C dramas into “mainstream” dramas (正劇)and idol dramas is nonsense. A drama is good for a brilliant piece of (performing) art if it’s good and inspiring regardless of whether the drama has any fantasy or unrealistic elements in the plot or production. To think 正劇 is superior to idol dramas and therefore, actors who work with the former are better actors than those who take the latter is ludicrous.

    Anyhow, if C-ent cap ZLY’s acting opportunities cos she’s not out of a boring Chinese theater academy, then it’s a loss to C-ent and Cdrama fans as well.

    • Her acting skills are average to me. She doesn’t act like Xiao Zhan, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi, Ni Ni. In The Story Of Minglang, she couldn’t deliver the traits of her character.

    • Idol dramas tends to be cheaply made (plot, production, characters writting). There are good ones but the bad ones are more lol. For me, C-ent is better in movies. C-ent in dramas lacks originals scripts.

      • You sound like a racist! How differently does an ethnic African woman write from everyone else? LOL. I’m Asian!

      • @Somebody and what is OP doesn’t like black people? stop being a fricking moralist. black people are inferior specially if they are females. we won’t pretend we like negative skin people and women.

      • @Somebody and what is op doesn’t like black people? stop being a fricking moralist! black people are i-n-f-e-r-i-or specially if they are females. we won’t pretend we like negative skin people and women.

      • Why is race being discussed here… Cyber bullying of different race is one of the lowest behavior.. Regardless what skin colour I have, every one is equally. Our skin colour does not definite one is better then another. Gosh, these race talk is so last century. World Peace!!!

    • There is no such thing as boring beauty or interesting beauty. Beauty is beauty and is not measured by our preferences or tastes for a person. Beauty has never been subjective and an example of this is beauty standards and nature itself.

      Subjectivity in aspects that have strong objective measurers is a form of 1) Lack of critical thinking, 2) Fear of truth and 3) Fanaticism and the feelings involved

      I like Zhao Liying but she has an inharmonious nose and big ears (she looks oversized in some angles). Tang Yan, on the other hand, has better facial symmetry and features. Too bad that as an actress, she is not good at all. I find it hard to see her acting.

      • Agree! I dislike Yang Yang, Xiao Zhan, Tiffany Tang, Ju Jingyi, Dilraba, Li Qin, Song Wei Long, Mao Xiaotong among others, but if you ask me about their beauty, yes, they all have it. There is no need to mix one thing with another.

      • I can say I’m prettier than all three if my subjectivity surpasses me lol. Joking, they are all personal opinions so I don’t see the point of contradicting each other when clearly the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I say TY is more pretty, it is understood that it is my preference 🙂

      • @not the same anon, LOL. You basically parroted my attitude about aesthetics. There’s no contradiction hinted in my personal opinion. Didn’t I say “personally?” When did I try to voice for others. It’s my PERSONAL (capitalized for your attention LOL) opinion that ZLY is prettier than the other two.

    • Zhao Liying has big ears and a nose that is close to being bulbous. It takes away the harmony of her face and at certain angles she looks like she is oversized. Without makeup, she even looks like the ordinary Chinese girls I have seen on the street. If you give me good makeup, even I can pretend to be a beauty lol. I’m not impressed for the beauty generated by filters and makeup, it’s boring. At least plastic surgery is permanent. Chinese entertainment has beautiful women but Zhao Liying is not one of them.

      • ZLY pic before plastic surgery is like this: https://img.wumaow.org/upload/tu/139018094.jpg
        No double or triple eyelid what so ever. Funny how her fans all say her eyes can act so well. Plastic eyes, yes. Teach us how to grow double and triple eyelids too, China is known for 228 lifestyle how come the entire nation didn’t grow triple eyelids?

  2. I have only finished one of her drama, Story of Minglan (she was great) and movie Duckweed. Never finished Princess Agents. I remember first seeing her in Running Man China years ago.

    Will wait to see if this grabs my attention.

  3. Zhao Liying is the only actress who attacks others in order to make herself stand out when marketing. Cringing Journey of Flower had no sense of CP, such an immature plot and surpassed a fricken 20 billion view, that’s more than human population! Legend of Chusen, stole the leading actress’s role and scripts, didn’t even film half the story, and once again… fricken passed 25 billion!!! Princess Agents got even more ridiculous, DID NOT film at least 20% of te story, and fricken passed 50 billion views!
    VERSATILE WHAT????????????????????????

    She got nominated for that so call prestigious “Magnolia award” for cringing Journey of Flower, a fricken Xianxia genre. Right after that, she used the media to market that Xianxia is an immature genre, get famous quick scheme, rising stars from Xianxia genre should not be qualified to receive the Magnolia award. OH LOLOLOLOL!!! So, if it’s her doing it then it’s ok. But if it’s others then she will cut off their road to success.

    Ever since 2003, Yang Mi got famous from a support role for Sun Li, in The Story of Noble Family, that’s the so call type of “SERIOUS” genres ZLY wants to do but never get them. In 2005, the famous xianxia alongside Hu Ge, Stories from Liao Zhai shot her to fame. In 2006, she support for Liu Yifei as Guo Xiang in Condor Heroes. In 2007 and 2008, more so call “SERIOUS” genre ZLY dying to have, YM already done them, “Legend of Wang Zhaojun” and “The Prince Education”, don’t even see YM bragging about her versatileness like some shameless holes. In 2009, YM leaded with Hu Ge again in Chinese Paladin 3. As famous she is already, in 2010 she still supports for Ruby Lin in Scheme of a Beauty and Li Xiao Lu in Beauty World 2011. When Palace aired in 2011, YM was the most popular actress in the whole industry. Even so, when she worked with Zhou Xun in Painted Skin 2012, she didn’t brag like ZLY who will brag and brag and brag and brag to no end about how she surpasses each and everyone else. Even today, YM doesn’t brag about surpassing LYF although is younger, YM still knows LYF got famous first and made it to Hollywood. For a plastic woman like ZLY who only got famous in 2015 after a successful operation, she copied YM’s face and mocked YM during YM’s most famous year (Palace) of course everyone will yell at her. She got yelled by YM’s fans in the past but it was her own fault for being rude. Today, with stupid dramas like Journey of Flower, Legend of Chusen, and Princess Agents only, and she brags how she surpassed YM, LYF, LSS, TY, ABB. With only one stupid and boring Story of Minglan and she brags how she surpassed Sun Li as well. Gosh, someone kick her out of the industry please! If she has any confidence she wouldn’t have to defame her maids in Story of Minglan that they slept their way up, and the person they slept was is even Feng Shaofeng who got her pregnant when they were filming The Story of Minglan. How come he was 3 timing, the other 2 women didn’t get pregnant and only she got pregnant? She was jealous the maids got more praises from netz, everyone believes they could’ve been a much better Minglan than her who couldn’t act, remember her lines, and understand the role!!!!!
    I understand her strong hate for YM, when she was a nobody, she already fell in love with FSF but YM and FSF were famous and always the leads. While she was not even at least the support but just “extras” they didn’t even notice, very pitiful, but it’s not excusable to market so shamelessly. People have been patient enough for her pitiful marketing for the past decade. They are now overwhelm it’s why she has no more face to show up at red carpets with others because they refuse to go near her.


    • Here’s the thing about the number of views. Even if something really realy really realllllllllly popular comes out today, that doesn’t change the fact that human population is only 8 billion. Short videos like music MVs, yes, it’s possible to get billions and billions of views. Even the famous Gangnam style in 2011 was only 1 billion view and as of today it rose up to 4.7 billion views in 2023 so PSSSHHHHHH, booooooo to ZLY stupid low IQ!!!!!!!! Dramas with 40 episodes and each episode is about 40 min, and the targeted audience is only Chinese, and the view is 20 billion, ZLY was being too obvious and stoooooopid. She is the reason why everyone else had to raise their data cause, how else they gonna survive? Put it in a simple logic, if you sell a product like oranges, on average, at most 1 can cost a few dollars. But some MFB f’ked up the system by selling $100 per orange, and she defames all the other competitors that they only low qualities stuff, or even to the point saying they poison their stuff. They can’t sue the MFB cause of her strong connection with the gov, of course they can only fight back by raising their price, they can’t do nothing about the defamation but people realize their products don’t kill nobody, expensive but still at least more affordable than the MFB. That was exactly the situation how everyone has been surviving for the past decade due to the MFB ZLY.

  4. Don’t really care for the fanwar or whatever. Only care for what is presented on screen. But, didn’t Yang Mi’s 10 miles of peach blossom also reach ridiculous viewing numbers similar to princess agents numbers? I watch most of Yang’s and Zhao’s drama, personally I enjoy Zhao’s acting and drama more than Yang’s. This is just speaking for my personal opinions from their acting and dramas, not caring about whatever outside rumours and drama they have. Zhao’s characters and drama are better than Yang’s for me!

    • “Don’t care for fanwar” but look at how ZLY news represent herself first, she always low ball others. She makes fun of others having degree and say they have connections but she is more outstanding cause she doesn’t have a degree like them. She is indeed very inconsiderate. The only person making fanwar is ZLY and her team. The others are only voicing out that marketing such a way is wrong. Ain’t nobody tryna make fanwar, besides, it is ZLY fans up there making comparisons first. ZLY has no shame to always compare herself with her seniors.
      Yeah, YM’s TMPOPB got the same data but that’s after 2 years of everyone tolerating ZLY’s ridiculous and evil data rigging. Wasn’t only YM, even The Story of Ming Yue (Betty Sun) doubled a rerun on her old data. I bet everyone was mad at what ZLY did, it was cruel.

      • I’m here to enjoy the dramas. You go ahead and follow the news, gossip and data. Enjoy yourself doing so. I only have limited time to watch small amount of t. V series, can only enjoy what is presented on screen. Have a nice day!

  5. Artists speak with their works, not their private life and rumors. It’s futile for ppl who don’t like ZLY to spread any hearsay. Do you think fans would stay away from watching her dramas nor even checking them out? Nope! Most ppl don’t care about celebrities’ private life unless they commit crimes and have official verdicts of guilty. I’m only interested in ZLY’s works not her agency or marriage history etc. I’ll check out all her dramas to see if they are interesting to me. LOL. For some actresses, I don’t even bother to give their dramas a shot. Yang Mi and Tan Yan are among those I most likely won’t watch again; I tried to watch many of their dramas before and MOST of them were boring IMO. LOL

    • I agree, some of us are just here to enjoy t. V dramas. I check out almost all of them, it just happens that zhao’s drama is the more interesting one and I feel her acting and characters are different from each drama. Why her haters still watch her show if they can’t stand her? If you have that bias already, you will never like any of her work. Just stop.

    • Really funny! When ZLY defames her competitors, the water army saying bad stuff about the competitors surely CARE very much about how rich Zhao Lusi and Esther Yu are, how bad of a mother Yang Mi is, how disliked of a daughter in law Liu Shi Shi is, how bad of a wife Angela Baby is, etc. All of those things affected their professionalism and marketing value. When it comes to ZLY, all the sick things she did, people say they don’t care. But when they go attack ZLY’s competitors they say they care. We know ZLY owns that 50 billion amount of water armies in her hands. How can they say things at times but when it comes to her they say another thing at times? Stoooopid! Princess Agent doesn’t even have an ending, WTF did it even mean to have her eyes open at the end and it’s supposed to mean she unlocked her martial arts? Ain’t nobody understand that by watching it, it was her water army explaining it all over social media to make sure everyone gets it. That’s call, “the work speaking for itself” ????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The amount of shamelessness!!!!!!! Huh? Her dramas are sure more interesting and higher in quality. LMAO! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Man, you prolly have to rant to toxic C netizens. I’m not among them. You targeted a wrong person here. I even dismissed your comment after reading the first few words. I knew at the get-go what you were gonna say and I knew it’s very boring. So stop ranting about ZLY’s life off screen. It doesn’t work on me and perhaps other drama fans too. I have no interest in her personal life and whatnot off screen.

    • Hey, @Somebody
      Is ZLY or her gold master hiring you? How much? Is it good pay? I like to consider the job too. Please share.

      • Oh I wish I got a side job and extra pay. Tell me how!! I don’t mind having additional disposable income although I already have plenty. LOL.

        Thanks for keeping reminding me to check her drama. Otherwise I’ll be entirely hooked up to K dramas.

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