Netflix Drama Gyeongseong Creature Premieres to #1 in the South Korean Chart and First Audience Reviews are Strongly Split

So the hope that Gyeongseong Creature would be this holiday season’s The Glory will likely not happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s a flop. The Glory was a massive hit for Netflix and the cast popularity and acclaim and I think the first reviews for Gyeongseong Creature indicate it will be a top watch for Netflix but not have as uniformly positive reaction from the viewers. It premiered to #1 on the Netflix chart for the South Korean region so the interest is high right off the bat. The audience reviews from what I can see appear almost 50/50 split, those who like it and say it’s entertaining and those who find it boring in directing and script. I’m not hearing strong impressions good or bad for leads Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee as well, Netflix hasn’t been doing well with period K-dramas as Song of the Bandits came and went almost without a peep a few months ago.


Netflix Drama Gyeongseong Creature Premieres to #1 in the South Korean Chart and First Audience Reviews are Strongly Split — 31 Comments

  1. New dramas premiering without significant competition will always get the #1 slot.

    I turned this drama off about 3/4 of the way through the first episode due to boredom. I also strongly disliked Han Sohee’s character – so tropey and unbelievable.

  2. If Song of Bandits chose better their FL, it would have been better! Seolhyun didn’t bring anything and her character was less interesting than the second female lead.

    I didn’t start GC yet. But Han So Hee always was overhyped for me, so I don’t have any expectation.

    • I agree with this, the interaction with second fl is so unique and hilarious for me. I remember how kim nam gil got chased around lol

      There was even funny edit on tiktok of it ahahhah
      Sad that she is not the fl

  3. Beyond boring… between the needless gore and bad acting. Theres nothing going for it. I fast fwded 80% of it. Anyone who actually finished it and liked it. Please enlighten me with your takeaway cos I genuinely would like to hear the opposing voew of those who found it a “piece of art”

  4. Almost every new drama that premieres on Netflix reaches No. 1. It’s no longer the flex it used be back when kdramas were a novelty to Netflix subscribers. The challenge is how long will it stay on top.

      • I don’t like this drama or the leads, but it reached Top 10 in the US and other European countries. Of course majority of the #s wul dbe Asian countries, no surprise there. Kdramas aren’t going anywhere despite the general lackluster plot/direction of this year’s Netflix Originals.

  5. That outfit in white. Who’s designer pls? Also are there blogs websites that track Korean japanese fashion? All the press confs and other outings, the actresses’ outfits are creatively designed. I want to kno pls so help moi.

  6. I finished it. It was very visually pretty, with nice looking shots, pretty good action scenes and expensive (but not very authentic looking) sets. But at its core was a very predictable and unimaginative story. The worst offense was how shallow the writing was. I couldn’t bring myself to like the male lead, let alone root for him. His motivations were poorly written and his emotional scenes felt forced and borderline pretentious. The leads had such a superficial relationship that I don’t blame the actors for not having much chemistry. Leads made poor decisions for the sake of it. The show in general felt too long-winded and stretched out. I wonder what exactly the executives saw in the script that warranted that huge investment. Sure, it’s a decent piece of entertainment but I can find that in any other monster/zombie show on Netflix. It’s just a different setting. I saw the poor early reviews and I understand them now.

    • It’s weird how clean and chocolate box looking the Gyeongseong sets were – like some sort of theme park pastiche of a European town rather than an authentic setting.

    • It’s because gyeongseong creature writer is a star writer, her name included is already a selling point beside 2 star se joon and han so hee.

  7. Man, this show was disappointing. The premise was SO promising and prime horror-thriller material, but execution is completely off. For a story that is referencing Unit 731, one of the most horrific crimes against humanity, it needs to be DARK. The humorous and campy scenes, combined with that weird soundtrack, were so tonally off. I don’t know where the huge budget went because the show looked cheap.

    As for the leads, PSJ is getting harshly criticized by knetz, to the point where people are questioning his acting abilities. 2023 turned out to be a career low for him. HSH gets off easier.

    • I understand now why park se joon is getting critics. There is many lines where i feels like he reciting lines and don’t have confidence to deliver it. His whole body and facial expression is already good though, so for me it’s not that bad. The netizen is too harsh

      Meanwhile han so hee is solid in this. No need to bash her.

      • Han so hee is starting to become queen of no chemistry for me. She should avoid all romance dramas and stick to action. My mum thinks its her stuck up face, very hard to project romance properly because its cold. I just think she’s got the pretty actor syndrome like cha eun woo. The soft eye acting is missing when doing romance. I really dun think its fair to keep praising her to the nines just because shes trendy and beautiful. Her acting is neither solid nor versatile. Park Seo Joon had good past performances in Fight My Way and Secretary Kim. But here he just sucks bigtime. Both are overrated.

      • gwen, we can make Han So Hee doing romance with her as cold girl, and his ML warms her cold heart, and it will work.

        We are in action genre, and not romance genre. romance is just a small part. Her character is supposed to be cold and she deliver.

      • @Gwen,

        It’s because her characters aren’t very feminine. I rolled my eyes during her fight with the male lead… he honestly could have knocked her out or killed her with one punch.

      • @gwen I quite liked her chemistry with ahn bo Hyun in my name, but overall I have to agree, romance is not her strong suit. Very much prefer her in thrillers playing kickass characters, with minimal to zero romance. and that’s okay, after all not every actress can be like Ha Ji Won who can do action and at the sam time, have fiery hot chemistry with her male leads

      • @gwen interestingly, i think han so hee had the best chemistry with kim jae young in 100 days my prince, where she played the second female lead role. it genuinely felt like her character was in love with his character i remember shipping them hard while watching the drama. people hype her “chemistry” with song kang in nevertheless but my unpopular opinion is they don’t actually have much chemistry, they were just in a bunch of steamy scenes which made people think that they had. weird that after so hee became a lead actress, she doesn’t have chemistry with her male leads anymore

  8. For me the acting is very good. The production also very solid. The only downside is the writing. How can they stretch the material into 2 season is beyond me. I think 1 season is enough. 2 season would be abit unbearable.

  9. Good cinematography. Excellent casting! The main characters are the best choice for the show…. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes. Thank you Netflix.

      • Oh definitely their PR team in action lol. very generic, overly positive reviews with “real people” names to sound more realistic and believable are definitely PR people lol

  10. Not sure if I want to continue. I’m sure it’s not for everyone. I dropped at midway through ep2. Although I love suspension and mystery but this thriller is too graphical and grosses me out. Other than getting adrenaline high thanks to excessive blood and gore, the plot is empty. No point to talk about the acting since for a horror film like this, focus is never on acting, but visual stimulus instead.

    • I’m jealous of people like you who can drop dramas if you don’t like it. I have severe OCD so I have to finish everything I started even if I find it bad, be it dramas, books, movies, etc. How do you all do it 😭

      • Ha are you serious or just joking with me? LOL. OCD isn’t necessarily all bad! The other side of OCD is perhaps perfectionist and achiever! LOL.

      • Perhaps you can try to turn to alternatives if you’re not joking! I’m re-watching the beautiful drama, Healer, to flush all the disgust out of my head from watching horrible creature. LOL

      • Lol definitely not joking, I wish I am 🥲
        People tell me that life is too short to waste on crap dramas/books/movies, but I can’t just stop watching/reading even if I’m bored already, I have this obsessive need to finish it lol.
        Will check out Healer to see if it can steal my attention, thanks for the recommendation!

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