Romance C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Release Preview and Promos Ahead of Feb 2nd Premiere

Mark your calendars folks as Amidst a Snowstorm of Love is blowing our way on February 2nd in less than two days. The modern romance drama set in the world of competitive billiards (pool and snooker) stars Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai in a fresh visual pairing with also strong acting talents. It may also be Wu Lei’s last idol romance drama genre whether modern or period as he doesn’t have any other filmed such dramas lined up and reportedly is turning towards movies in a more selective career direction. This makes the drama that much more special for me and I hope it’s good unlike his last drama Nothing But You which was a big nothingburger of a watch.

Preview for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (English sub):


Romance C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Release Preview and Promos Ahead of Feb 2nd Premiere — 35 Comments

  1. Something tells me Wu Lei enjoyed filming this project. And he enjoyed working with Zhao Jin Mai. Not shipping them as both are young artiste and both are focusing on their acting skills.

    I thought Wu Lei was not keen on dramas anymore? Was this drama filmed before the news? Anyway, I am just happy to watch Wu Lei in another drama.

    Those that watch his cycle vlog will see his real nature…he is a young man who loves freedom and nature… Such a grounded young man. I would love a son-in-law like him…but I need a daughter first…😂😂

      • He was on Hello Saturday promotion for this drama with Zhao Jin Mai. I can see he enjoyed filming with Zhao Jin Mai… He has high praise for her.

        I dont know if he enjoyed working with the other 2 actress you mentioned. I dont want to compare either as life is not about comparing with others. My observation is just based on this drama with this actress.

        On thing is certain, at least he does not have to deal with crazy fans of his current female lead. He had some unpleasant experience with some of Zhou Lusi’s fandom.

      • I think it always happen when the leads have big fandom. zhao lusi had bad experinece with wulei fandom too not just wulei. the same thing happened with esther and dylan. they are all fighting

      • @ HL it was the other way around, his fandom did not want him to act with ZL when they were casted for LLTG because she and LYN stole the thunder from him and Reba during the airing of the long ballad. ZL has to deal with the bad eggs from his fandom, both negative comments and baseless criticism at that time.

        Why do we make it look like it female fandom that start the fan war just because they r bigger n popular stars but it the male fandom that r the worse one because most of these fans r females, they fantasize about their idol. They also trashes about their female lead that has nothing to do with their acting .

      • Typical ZLS fan looking for a fight in an article having nothing to do with her. And don’t drag Zhou Yutong into your little games. It’s obvious he also had good relations with Zhou Yutomg from interviews and their cute interactions during Tencent night. wulei had good relations with all his co-stars except ZLS.

      • @ No, she stole his achievements lol 😂 u sound like a joke 🤣, if u r talking about LLTG, it was a joint effort and hard work, both of their achievement, such immature statements to make.

        No one knows these stars personally, me being sensible person is not going to believe rumours that others have created about them, to speak ill of them. Apart from criticising their acting and talking about appearance since it comes with their job, am not going to make any actor looks bad base on rumours that no one knows truth about.

      • I heard the same thing as @anon

        I have noticed he seems to have good relationships with alot of his FL except ZLS. He seems to be friendly/respectful with Dilraba and Zhou Yutong but seems to have no interactions with ZLS. The swearing during riding horse incident screams unprofessional to me. I probably wouldn’t think too highly of a coworker that yelled profanities at me in a work setting either.

        But this Wu lei and Zhao jimai pairing is fresh and very cute!

      • @Mercy

        You can play dumb all you like but it’s a fact. Anyone who followed that mess knows what happened. You can only fool international fans.

        Once LLTG was over, the data was published for them as actors. Except the data published for her was all Wu Lei’s. He hard carried that drama and then she just flipped the numbers and took his, as her achievements.

        Later they deleted it and it was all an “innocent mistake”.

        I would love for you to try to pass on your nonsense to a Chinese Wu Lei fan. Just tell me when so I can get the popcorn.

      • @ lmao, 😆 every one who watch LLTG knows lusi hard carried the drama has much has wu lei did . N yes it could have been an innocent mistake like they said depending on the understanding of the information that the person needs to put out to the media, what went on bts no one knows. No one is perfect, it could have been a very stupid mistake on their name exchange.
        It funny they r complaining now that the show was a success, when they didn’t what him to take the LLGT project n his fans hardly promote the drama during it airing either.
        If u really know what went on in the early stage of LLTG, that achievement mistake wouldn’t be something u will be bragging about here.
        U must be naive if u actually believe what c neitzen put out there. When they can twist the fact to either makes one look good or bad.

      • @Mercy @LMAO I’m going to disagree with the both of you. Neither one of them “hard carried” the drama. The supporting actors were also great. The king and his queens were lovely refreshing characters. They were awesome in that there was no jealously and harem drama. While the king might not have acted like an authoritative figure, he was great comic relief.

        I don’t know anything about the drama bts with the two fandoms, nor do I care. I just think you two are giving way too much credit to the two leads. They were great and have great chemistry, but there were awesome supporting casts as well.

    • If he had any bad experiences with the other FLs, its probably because of the fandom fighting. I can’t blame any celebrity here because I’m sure everyone is professional enough to act they way they are suppose to during promotions then go back to their usual lives outside of work.

      • Nah with ZLS it’s much deeper than just a fandom problem. Her media play is toxic which leads to her toxic fandom. I’ve never seen anyone clinging so shamelessly onto real life shipping all while trampling on the co-star in said ship (spreading rumors through YXHs, using water armies to bad-mouth in forums, relentlessly stepping on his new dramas and new co-stars, etc.) to promote herself. And let’s not forget her horse riding tirade that her team has been trying to white wash away for a year now.

      • @Anon I don’t know these people personally, I ain’t gonna assume what happened between these people. I also don’t like how Chinese fandoms pit their celebrities against each other. I’ve seen this happen more often. I don’t believe everything I read online. Sorry. If we are talking about WL and ZLS, they seem like friendly professionals, what happens after they leave a project is not my problem.

    • @ Anon , please don’t start , Every one and their mother knows u dont like ZL and u are here to barking obviously 🤪. U sound like a train wreck, always the same story, tell us something we don’t know.

      • ZLS trolls came into an article that had nothing to do with her, under a comment that had nothing to do with her to insert her name and start a “conversation” trying to normalize her train-wreck of a fandom while dragging Wulei’s fandom to the same level. Oh and start playing the victim when people call them out for what they are doing.

      • @Anon

        You seem personally vested in this beef. Don’t take it too seriously. None of us here really know the truth about what went down and Chinese entertainment has one of the worst rumor-villes in the world. Miles worse than Hollywood or even Korean entertainment, so take all these rumors with a grain of salt.

        All we can truly tell about these actors is their jobs, did they do well with it or not? Other than that, you can’t really tell if they got along or not by interviews and promotions (they are actors, it is their job to create chemistry in their promos). There have been many past co-stars whose fans gushed over their chemistry and in the end, the public finds out they are nothing but colleagues who did a good job promoting that image to the public. So no need to get so vested in a pseudo fight that no one really knows the truth about.

        One thing I know for a fact is that C-ent is toxic a.f. I thought K-ent was bad, but C-ent beats it by miles and then some.

    • @Anon and her beef with zhao lusi. I follow both wl and zls and i noticed this user hate zhao lusi so much. did she kill your mom ?

  2. Oh this actress is really good. I watched her in “Stand by you” which I do not recommend but the actors staring in it were great. And with wu lei. I have high expectations for this drama.

  3. Love them both and am excited for this production. I particularly like productions where the age gap between the couple is close. It just adds a special something to the production. Excitedly anticipating this!

  4. This is the only upcoming C drama I’ve been looking forward to as of now. Heard of good reviews about the FL, ZJM although I’ve never finished any one of her dramas including highly praised Reset. Her past dramas are either not up my alley or badly written/directed or costarring with someone I don’t like. Nice her ML is Wu Lei this time and I like him as an actor. I hope this drama will bring me a fresh impression on C modern dramas which are cheesy in average.

  5. Although I’m not fond of modern dramas, I actually want to take a peek at this drama just because of the leads and how adorable they are together.

  6. The only modern chinese drama I’m looking forward to. Wu Lei/Zhao Jin Mai pairing should reconciled me with the genre… (I hope so)

    • I usually watch everything at 2x – 3x speed until I find something that catches my attention. I loved Wu Lei since Nirvana in Fire and Zhao Jin Mai since Reset. But in the drama I found Zhao Jin Mai’s acting to be more natural compared to Wu Lei’s. Wu Lei kept acting with smoldering eyes as if he was doing a photoshoot (reminds me of Song Seung Heon). Initially, it was cute and apt as someone who had just fallen in love at first sight, but later it got annoying even after they shared a bed. I don’t think the romance genre is Wu Lei’s strong suit. He should take in more serious roles and follow in the footsteps of Hu Ge, he is young and has time to experiment and explore different genres. I hope he takes a psychopathic villainous role someday to fully utilize his acting chops and show the world his versatility.

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