Xianxia C-drama Fangs of Fortune with Hou Min Hao and Chen Du Ling Release First Batch of Official Character Posters

So this drama got on my radar not because of the cast but because it was filming at the time another drama I was super into was filming, and it’s from the same director Guo Jing Ming. It was initially called The Story of Mystics but now has the title Fangs of Fortune and like can we go back to the old name haha. Guo Jing Ming was directing this drama when My Journey to You came out and I was in the camp of loving that drama which was fairly split down the little of love it/hate it. Fangs of Fortune stars Hou Min Hao and Chen Du Ling, who seems everywhere but has just been doing too many cameos and this is her big female lead step up drama here, and honestly this pairing is either a brilliant unexpected success or a flaming hot mess. The second leads are breakout young actor Tian Jia Rui and everyone’s consensus one of the worst actresses out there Cheng Xiao, so that’ll be a hoot as well. I don’t know why Hou Min Hao and another supporting actor are shirtless in their character posters but at least everyone looks super in character ready to bring all the visual jazz that Guo Jing Ming loves to do.


Xianxia C-drama Fangs of Fortune with Hou Min Hao and Chen Du Ling Release First Batch of Official Character Posters — 17 Comments

  1. Talking about shirtless MLs, GJM is well known of having bare-chested men in ALL of his works….haha. I like GJM’s artistry so I would for sure tune in for the visual feast, at least. There are so many eye candies will be guesting or supporting in that drama.

  2. I like MJTY and am highly interested to check this out. It will also be interesting to see CDL rise to FL, as I see her mostly in unlikeable supporting roles.

  3. I wished they choose a different FL, Chen Du Ling has no FL charisma for me. I don’t mind her in supporting roles, but I don’t think she can hold a drama. She also looks like older sister for Neo, and her acting is not that great in my opinion. Cheng Xiao, I seen her in a few dramas back then, and she was not great either, I hope she improves! I do like Tian Jia Riu, Cheng Lie and the young actor. Looking forward for their reunion.

  4. Uhmmmm… lol… I always feel bad for Chen Du Ling playing every other second lead and secondary character, but man… that’s where she belongs. Haha. Her presence and ability doesn’t suit female lead, whereas, I feel like when she executes those secondary characters, she is super necessary to drive each story forward (whether to victory or hell lol).

    • @Lu, I just learnt Chen Du Ling is academically smart… I hope her choice to enter this industry is worthwhile… but she is young…if it does not work out, she can go back to her taught skills.

      • Oh, I didn’t know that. Sounds like she can play to her strengths then. Either go back to academics or stay comfortably in those secondary roles that will always pay the bills. Heh.

      • In a country with a 1.4b population, being simply academically smart is probably not enough (the pains of having to compete with so many others lol). She’s probably earned more from her existing 2FL roles than she have from a lifetime of slogging in the corporate world. I do agree that she lacks a certain aura/xfactor to make it as as a FL but look wise, she’s definitely within the top (of the general society at least) so she’s got an advantage in the entertainment industry. I think if she plays her cards right, even if her acting career stalls, with her education and eloquence she could eke out a decent path in hosting/variety/talk shows etc. and still earn much more than the corporate slave. Also she’s well known for having a striking resemblance to Zhang Zetian, the wife of the JD.com founder, so iirc I’ve read that she’s a popular choice for rich families looking for wives for their sons – she’s considered to have a “prosperous look that will bring wealth to her husband” since the JD founder is a self made man. Lol that’s another path that’s open to her.

  5. The posters are so fun! I like the one with the bitter melon and peppers. I wish we could buy these posters. China makes beautiful movie posters. Some of the ones they make for Hollywood releases are a collector’s item.

  6. I can’t help but think of Wu Lei’s censored nipples a few years back when I look at these photos of the shirtless male leads…

  7. The other shirtless guy is Yan An. His a Kpop Idol Pentagon. Please do check and listen to their music. They are underrated kpop group.

  8. Ah not appealed to GJM’s works. His artistic style isn’t up my alley. I just felt that his drama is somehow empty in storytelling, e.g., My Journey to You. There was nothing much going on for the first few eps of MJtY and the story was a drag. I did not have patience to anticipate more plot development, so I quit watching MJtY. I’m indifferent to the cast except for Cheng Xiao. My goodness her agency keeps pushing their dancers whose acting is crappy into acting dept. For me, script and directing are the most important. I may still check out this one to give GJM one more shot. If this drama fails me again, GJM will be in my list of unwatchable directors.

  9. How dare these people called Cheng Xiao a worst actress shame on you haters.,even if she didn’t go to an acting lesson/school but she manage to give the good acting in her every role, besides she’s even better compare to some of the real actress who went to acting lessons..

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