C-drama The Story of Mystics Kicks Off Filming with Hou Ming Hao, Chen Du Ling, Cheng Xiao, and Tian Jia Rui

Filming has kicked off for period C-drama The Story of Mystics, which Chinese title went from Bai Zhe Ling 白泽令 to Da Meng Gui Li 大梦归离. The producer and director remains Guo Jing Ming following up from My Journey to You as he returns to period drama land. The leads are Hou Ming Hao and Chen Du Ling with second leads Cheng Xiao and Tian Jia Rui. There is some leveling up and down and promotion going on here but overall a decent cast in the right places. Casting gossip says Chen Du Ling is upset she doesn’t have as cool a styling as second lead Cheng Xiao and may get upstaged, while Hou Ming Hao is happy with his first lead top billing status and doesn’t care that this drama may be used to promote relative newbie Tian Jia Rui.

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Award Winning Superstar Actor Tony Leung Gets Caught Up in Cheating Rumors with 25-year Old Girl Group Turned B-list C-actress Cheng Xiao

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Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records

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Chinese-speaking Stars Working in K-ent All Post Support for China and Hong Kong Police in the Hong Kong Democracy Protests

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