Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records

Well I definitely know a hit when I see one and this one is starting off the summer 2022 season with a bang for C-dramas. A Dream of Splendor (Meng Hua Lu) with Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao premiered on June 2 and in a few short days has inked only positive news. The drama is wildly popular breaking streaming views off the bat and the ratings of 8.8 on Douban is the highest for any 2022 C-drama thus far in the premiere episodes. C-audience reviews are glowing apparently on as icing on the cake. The OTP is also stoking remembers of Return of the Condors Heroes where Crystal was Xiaolongnu in the 2008 version opposite Huang Xiaoming and Chen Xiao was Yang Guo in the 2014 version with his now real life wife Michelle Chen as Xiaolongnu. I didn’t like either version but I am SO DOWN WITH a Crystal Xiaolongnu and Chen Xiao Guo-er, sad it will only be a fanfic but hopefully their romance heats up the screen here with lots of shippy moments.

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Chinese-speaking Stars Working in K-ent All Post Support for China and Hong Kong Police in the Hong Kong Democracy Protests

I don’t know if I’m disappointed because this is what was expected. With the Hong Kong democracy protests well into two months with no signs of stopping, all signs point to Mainland China escalating it’s countermeasures to curtail and end … Continue reading