First Look at Upcoming Xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon with Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu

So this drama finished filming earlier this year and with the sudden drops these days of pending dramas I don’t know if it will air before the end of 2022 or end up being a 2023 drama. This summer had two high profile xianxia dramas in Immortal Samsara and Love Between Fairy and Devil so it’s good to wait a bit before we see the arrival of xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon (Chang Yue Jin Ming 长月烬明). This is the one I’m waiting for since it stars Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi which means guaranteed angst-ing beautifully onscreen. I can’t even begin to explain the plot, it involves time traveling and the leads all playing various characters (I’m guessing incarnations), and bonus for me is seeing here as the second male lead Deng Wei in a preview to him playing one of the sweetest male leads ever as Tu Shan Jing in the upcoming Lost You Forever. The character posters are all colorful and look ripped from an RPG but as long as the central romance makes sense and sells the lovelorn suffering this will be a fun ride.

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