K-netizens Not Pleased with Uhn Tae Woong Making Drama Comeback After 7 Years with Thriller I Kill You Headlined by Kang Ji Young and Lee Ki Kwang

There is no shortage of star scandals in any industry but also time keeps passing so some are able/insistent on making comebacks and there is another one in K-ent. Former lead actor Uhm Tae Woong is joining the cast of K-drama I Kill You which has leads Kang Ji Young and Lee Ki Kwang and has already started filming. It’s his first project in 7 years since his scandal in 2016 when he was accused of sexual assault (acquitted) but fined and confirmed to have solicited a prostitute and paid a fine. His solicitation happened when his wife was pregnant with their second child to make things even worse. He apologized and accepted responsibility and hasn’t acted since. But his return now K-netizens are attributing to his doting older sister superstar Uhm Jung Hwa who recently had a mega hit with Doctor Cha, and says that she continues to clean up his mess and help him out, which was also attributed to how he became a successful actor in the first place.

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MBC’s Upcoming 50-episode Drama Monster with Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri Releases Script Reading Stills

Filming is underway for the next MBC mega drama, the Mon-Tues slated 50-episode Monster (Tyrant), which really can do with a better title if you ask me. My gut tells me MBC is trying to harken back to the glory … Continue reading