Tan Song Yun and Hou Min Hao Kick Off Filming for Xianxia C-drama Xiao Yao

So another C-drama just started filming after the lunar new year holidays and it’s called Xiao Yao (逍遥 which means carefree). It stars Tan Song Yun as the titular Xiao Yao named female lead and Hou Min Hao which for some reason evokes Hou Min Hao and his last drama pairing with Zhou Ye in Back From the Brink. This is Tan Song Yun’s first action period C-drama since her breakout with Under the Power since I’m not counting the family politics slow drama The Sword and the Brocade. The synopsis sounds like the demon and human love affair with misunderstanding and conspiracy stuff typical of xianxia dramas but I do like these two leads so will keep an eye on this one.


Tan Song Yun and Hou Min Hao Kick Off Filming for Xianxia C-drama Xiao Yao — 12 Comments

  1. Just went to read the synopsis and I’m not too sold on the story. I would be more interested if they make it no-romance and spin it into demon ancestor + half demon descendant coming together to solve the mystery of the past conspiracy.

    • The director and screenwriter is the hit mystery drama the Knockout director last year, this is apparently an original script (not adapted from novel). Meanwhile, the production company is The Longest Day in Chang’an and Under the Microscope producer. It does not look like a common romance xianxia/xuanhuan drama.

      From the production company to the director, it feels like a journey story of Xiaoyao. And apparently, this the first time the Director directing a female lead drama, so it will be a heroine journey story with hero story vibe like Knockout, Longest Day in Chang’an, Under the Microscope, i guess?

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the colors and the hairstyles chosen for the leads. Looking forward to it! I love Tang Song-yun and Hou Min-hao won me over with Back from the Brink followed by I Am Nobody.

    I usually like xianxias but hope the xianxia-ness of it all would be a little more low key. My eyes are tired from looking at white palaces and unattractive white wigs.

    • It’s not a xianxa drama. There’s no like goddess or god like those typical ones. The best I can describe is like yangzi’s drama lost you forever. Like the setting/environment when she was in her male form. You can see in Xiao Yao’s opening video they show very earthy outdoors environment

  3. She can nail this easily 💜💜💜 surely she will upgrade the male lead as usual 🤩 Tan Songyun is the most talented actress in current Cdrama stage.

  4. I never found TSY to be the beautiful type but I find her so cute and just adorable. Sadly I won’t be tuning into this unless there’s good reviews bc I’m not too excited about the male lead.

  5. Xiaoyao is directed by the hit drama director the Knockout last year, and the Glory of Special Forces, while the production company is Liu Bai production which produced The Longest Day in Chang’an and Under the Microscope.

    Xiaoyao is an original script not adapted from novel, by the director himself. This is the first heroine centered drama directed by the director. This feels like not a common romance xianxia/xuanhuan drama, but more like a journey story of Xiaoyao, with male based drama story-telling.

  6. Seven Tan is an amazing actress, very professional and creative in developing and performing her characters. In this article’s description of her resume, the writer left out her unique period character Master of Poison in “The Eight.” Chen Paige, supervising producer of that series, specifically asked her to take that role and she nailed it. She fully brought that character to life with comedy, drama, romantic, action, and special martial arts skills. I’m looking forward to watching her in this new series. Seven seems to love new challenges and I believe she can master any role!

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