Dylan Wang and Ren Min Sign on for Thriller Modern C-drama with Veteran Pan Yue Ming

So the rumors that Dylan Wang is really trying to leave the idol drama world and enter the mainstream drama/movie land is definitely true as after his most recently filmed drama Guardians of the Dafeng he only has a movie in discussion and now this serious drama he just signed on for. The drama is called Confessions in the Dark (Hei Ye Gao Bai) and will be headlined by veteran actor Pan Yue Ming as a grizzled season detective. Dylan and female lead Ren Min will be playing the younger members of the police force in this cop thriller serious drama. I think doing this drama is a smart pick for both young stars and hopefully pushes their careers in the right upward direction.


Dylan Wang and Ren Min Sign on for Thriller Modern C-drama with Veteran Pan Yue Ming — 11 Comments

  1. Yep, every Chinese actors and actresses with aspirations will always give serious dramas a try. Happy for both Dylan and Ren Min. I think Dylan has good potential, can see he makes an effort to improve his line delivery.

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  3. I am really looking forward to this… Ren Min is actually a really good actress with the right role…Period costume does not suit her but she has afew very good movies under her belt. I look forward to her growth… I sincerely hope she will not succumb to idol pressure and going under the knife. Stay true to herself as she is good already. Dylan is a good artiste, he is personable, positive, handsome, good family boy and he is entertaining…not a great actor but with more experience…I hope he will get much better. His career in this industry will last. Even if he does not become a actor in 10yrs, he can still be a variety show host. With his looks, he will not be short of CFs.
    Pan Yue Ming is a very talented actor, he has so much he can pass on to these 2 youngsters. Really looking forward to this drama…now I pray the script will be good.

    • I am not sure Ren Min is not suitable for costume drama; it may just be that she was awfully miscast in the Longest Promise. I also think, like you, that Dylan has potential and he does seem like a hard worker. I hope his Agency will let him evolve and not tie him to nonsense such as Only for Love just for the money. So I too am looking forward to this drama!

  4. Noooo, I want Dylan in more idol dramas, put his face to good use!!! Nobody wants to hear his accent and line delivery. And as for serious dramas, I have zero interest in them. Ugh. Why do this to his fanbase

  5. Can someone tell me what is wrong with his accent? I’ve only seen maybe 2 dramas with him in it but why are accents a issue? I saw another cdrama actor get angry comments over his accent but I don’t understand why.

    • His accent affects his tone and pronunciation of standard Mandarin. Standard Mandarin has four tones and it is essential to get the correct tone otherwise it will sound like another word and cause confusion to the person hearing it. Pronunciation is the same as well, for simplicity’s sake I’ll use the number 4 四for example. 四 is pronounced as “si” in the fourth tone, if someone mispronounced as “shi” in the fourth tone, it will become other words like Yes 是.

    • He doesn’t speak standard Mandarin, not even close which is considered a big problem in actors because standard Mandarin is required in order for everyone to be able to understand.

      • Oh c’mon he’s not that bad! I watched his commentary for Tencent in the NBA All Star game and I could understand what he was saying. His tones were fine! Standard Mandarin doesn’t mean having to sound like a Beijinger.

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