K-netizens Criticize Moon Ga Young’s Outfit at the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show as Ill-fitting and Unattractive

In earlier days I would say the primarily critique of K-actress Moon Ga Young and her outfit at the fashion show would be that it was too risque and inappropriate. No one really thinks that in this day and age but the Dolce & Gabbana black bra top with hot pants and garter with what resembles pantyhose as waders look is just fugly haha. I agree with K-netizens on this one as Moon Ga Young has been getting lots of complaints for her outfit, K-netizens love when their stars are on Western stages but hate it when said star is styled unattractively. This outfit would work attending the Grammy’s but I can’t see it ever having an occasion in South Korean ent.


K-netizens Criticize Moon Ga Young’s Outfit at the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show as Ill-fitting and Unattractive — 53 Comments

  1. Asian must stop their reverence and worship of these self styled Western “luxury” houses and luxury brands; Europeans don’t give a shit about Gucci or D&G and it’s Americans or status concious Asians especially Koreans/Chinese who buy such self proclaimed “luxury” branded good and keep such brands afloat long after the founding designers die and their new designs are no longer good or interesting. The top living designers today are predominantly Asian and are folks like Guo Pei, Elie Saab, Robert Wun, Zuhair Murad , Rahul Mishra, you can google their work, they’re very artistic and they don’t work for LV or Chanel because they are so good they don’t need an old-time brandname to fund them or boost their personal brand.

    • Thank you! Agree with you 100 %. Whatever happened to Asian elegance?
      What some of these designers sell is sex, not creative artistic design.
      She can’t even carry it off. Look at her pose holding the purse! Ridiculous.

    • As a french, i may say that i agree with you , the great creators who liked to dress women are dead , YSL, G Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy,… Audrey Hepburn wore all the time Givenchy , Grace Kelly with Dior, The fabulous tuxedo by YSL Leaticia Casta or Catherine Deneuve were fantastic wearing this . In the 70’s, 80’s Lazarro did fabulous dresses for french singers as Sylvie Vartan , Dalida,…This year only Dior had a a beautiful collection . Nowadays i don’t like all the creators who are working for all the luxury brands , but it depends on the celebrity . Brigitte Macron, wife of the french president, is old but she knows how to dress with elegance and it’s Nicolas Ghesquière (LV) who make all her outfits with her guidance ! I like all the beautiful dresses that the late Diane Von Furstenberg did .

      • Talking about Brigitte Marcon, Melania Trump during her stint as First Lady also dresses fabulously. I know many people hate her but her sense of fashion from top to toes are just flawless. Another First Lady that dresses fabulously is Queen Rania of Yordania. Also Angelica Rivera, ex First Lady of Mexico.

        They wore simple beautiful elegant dresses with great cut that show off their feminine beauty.

    • Guo Pei and Robert Wun are such tacky designers, in the same group as Miss Sohee. Their clothes are the equivalent of prom dresses on steroids, replete with sequins, glitter, lace, frills, velvet, satin, volume, train, etc. They have no sense of proportion or structure, and no mastery of the cut or drape. They’re wannabe McQueen and Galliano, except those two were absolute masters of the craft and had strong, artistic vision.

      Murad and Saab are better at delivering the clothing basics such good quality and cut, but all their collections are just a procession of sequined evening gowns. Their main clientele is the Arab elite, which is enough to fund a standalone brand.

      The ‘best’ and most influential Asian designers are still the old Japanese guard like Yamamoto and Kawabuko.

  2. To add to my last comment, Dolce & Gabbana had previous controversies of racist advertising in China https://www.aboutresilience.com/high-cost-of-racism-in-high-fashion-a-case-study-on-dolce-and-gabbanas-cultural-appropriation/ and Stefano Gabbana the co-founder basically counteraccused Chinese folks who found it offensive of being racist for “eating dogs” and called it a “country of shot”. TBH i didn’t find the advertisement too bad (a model was shown digging at pizza with chopsticks like an uncultured heathen, then they ask if she finds Italian cannoli too big insinuating that Chinese phalluses are small i guess) but Stefano Gabbana’s rant is extremely racist. It’s crazy that such brands still have a market when they also likely deem Koreans as “dog eating”, “small penis” folks too and have even less respect for less prosperous non-East Asia Asian countries.

    Moon Gayoung looked so uncomfortable like she didn’t want to wear the outfit, D&G probably sent her a skimpy dress and told/paid her to wear it knowing that it would cause a controversy. They don’t exactly have a track record of respecting Asians and probably think it’s funny to make an Asian woman dress in lingerie in public for money.

    • Yes, THAT controversy. I also don’t find the ads to be offensive since I can took it as a bad humour but Gabbana’s rants and insults that showed his racist self. You won’t see C celebs being caught death in D&G and I thought the same for K and J. Imagine my surprised when I saw Son Ye Jin was wearing it in Crash Landing On You. The racist ads was in 2018 while CLOY was 2019 which was not so long after.

      Over the years I saw many K celebs still supporting D&G.

    • I too agree, the advert was sexual and abit rude but I did see the humour… It is his rant that is racist.

      The outfit Moon Gayoung wore is really not great.

  3. I’m surprised that D&G still exist in Asian market…..hahahahaa Btw, she doesn’t have ample chest volume for such cleavage baring top.

  4. The fit in the bust is horrible, too small for her. And the dress is also ugly. Not against dressing as sexy as she wants, but this is a mistake. She should fire her stylist.

  5. I’m not fan of the trend to show everything, but if they are ok to wear that, it’s their choice.

    Moon Ga-Young is beautiful and she can wear whatever she wants.

  6. Not a fan of any wears showing too much skin. Not a fan of any fashion brand names either. But this is a fashion show where designers wanted to showcase their new ideas. I don’t want to be scathing about anything in a fashion show that goes against my personal taste. I also think some opinions suggesting racism or any moral degrading on Asians could be a stretch. I don’t see any degrading of Asian women in this bold style alone. Such kind of styling is very commonly seen in Western fashion shows or galas full of celebrities. One doesn’t have to appreciate what the brand name designer put on her. But it’s a stretch to suggest racism again in such a simple fashion event. This reminds me of a similar gripe about Dylan Wang’s style in a LV fashion show in HK.

    I think her attire is tasteless. But I don’t think there’s any discrimination involved in making her wear that. She’s born in German. Perhaps that’s just up her street. LOL.

  7. Was she forced to dress this way? Lol if she chose to wear the outfit, that’s her personal preference. It sure is a hideous outfit though.

  8. Gabbana is clearly a racist. Wonder why any Chinese would spend a penny on such trashy clothes by a racist brand. Assuming MGY is being sponsored to wear this outfit, hope she is also getting paid well. She is not Chinese so she may be excused? …Watching the video clips, she did not look very comfortable in the outfit which said all about the design. Also she did not look very “sane” (may be drunk?)…

  9. @ladybird
    MT is the best dressed First Lady ever. It helps that she was a model. I don’t understand the hate towards her and her young son. I mean you can hate Trump if you want but leave them alone.
    JK was so overrated as First Lady tho I liked her iconic style later as Jackie O.

    • Agree. Some ppl with trump derangement syndrome has reached the nirvana of irrationality. MT imo is breathtakingly beautiful at her age. Role model really to be able to stay looking this good in her 50s.

      • Trump derangement syndrome is very real. I always tease my liberal NYC friends who were terrified when he got elected. They were ready to move to Canada. I told them they would survive. Looks like he might get elected again and they don’t seem that frightened this time.
        I am not pro Trump. I just feel both party elites are the same. They don’t care about us regular mortals. They are just fighting each other for power.
        I loved it when Trump said ‘we went (to Syria) for the oil, we secured the oil, we got the oil’ …at least he didn’t say it was about freedom and democracy! He makes me laugh. When he was president he didn’t start wars…just trade wars. I prefer trade wars to bombing and killing people.

      • @Jana – I hope you were joking when said to move to Canada. This country smells like skunk, high in taxation, and far behind in technology. The only good benefits goes to the refugees.

      • @Anne – Trudeau is THE problem. Liberal politicians are killing the US and Europe. Crime ridden and expensive. Used to like taking trips to Europe once a year. Now I just head to Japan. Current state of the US is also a big NO. Dun wanna get shot.

    • @Gwen – I hope you mean traveling only, not residing…. Economy is so bad in Japan now and will keep on getting worse. Good to travel there because everything is cheap. I bet you don’t want to move there to live unless you are retired with a big bundle of cash.

      • @Anne Agreed. Japan’s currency is depreciating in value and that’s why it’s “great” for folks to visit if they live in a wealthier country. But if you live there, you’re probably suffering.

        @Jana No I’m terrified Trump will win again. Biden is fixing the issues that Trump’s administration has left behind. While I’m not going to say Biden is the best leader either, he is certainly the lesser of the two evils. If you’ve read Mitt Romney article on the state of the Republican party and Fox’s admission of their own ludicrous endorsement of Trump while fully knowing he’s a clown, he is the LAST person you’d want to lead the U.S. If you like humor, watch a comedy show – politics isn’t a platform for buffoonery.

        Anyways, I don’t want to devolve into politics; this is not the place to do that.

      • @Anne, Japan isn’t doing as bad as you sounded. LOL. Media likes to exaggerate what numbers truly reflect and many reporters without expertise knowledge mostly just misinterpret it. The current conditions in Japan are mixed. On the one hand, Japan GDP contracted unexpectedly for last two consecutive quarters that fall into the textbook definition of recession. On the other hand, stock market in Japan has broken the record reaching historical high. Economists have different interpretations regarding these contradictory situations. Some expects quick recovery. Therefore, it’s still too early and ignorant for reporters to call Japan in recession and “so bad” as you claimed. LOL. I don’t want to delve into more details. This isn’t politics but economics. Ppl talk about politics according to their own ideology. But economics are based upon statistics and facts.

        @Coralie, you prolly will continue to be terrified for another 4 years. LOL. Americans are very displeased with Biden’s domestic policies, specifically how he has been treating border issues. Ppl complain about so many wars erupting during his stint in WH. I haven’t decided which party to support this coming Nov. Most important to me, both parties continue to stand strong against China and I’m pleased with Biden’s tech policies against China even with tighter export control to China than Trump. But I support Trump for his advocacy for border walls and hawkish approaches to countries like Iran and China. The big directions of the US won’t change regardless of which candidate will be elected this Nov. People may have too much fantasy about Dem, thinking Dem will make the US different in your favor. LOL

      • @Somebody You serious? Do you know how much deregulation Trump has approved? How much he set back the economy? Under his watch, our national debt soared; the rich got richer while the middle and poor class suffered.

        The guy’s a criminal. You’re advocating for a criminal that is currently in court. You do understand the irony of this when you’re so hardcore with Chinese hate due to its cronyism and communist policies? He’s literally running again because he wants to exonerate himself and line the pockets of his and his lapdogs’ coffer with his power as president.

        I’m not under any illusion that he’s not going to win. Yes, Biden has done or haven’t done enough for the economy and other policies. But the guy’s trying his best and made some very hard stances for the country’s longer term recovery. Trump is only out for himself.

        The one thing that Trump has done okay with, is pulling a hard stop with China. No other president has done this, for fear of rocking the boat. But he’s reckless and that’s why he did it. China and Russia would love for Trump to win – that should already be the #1 reason you don’t want to vote for him.

      • @Nobody I’m also interested in seeing how the elections will play out. He’s made a lot of enemies with his own party. Those that pissed him off previously and didn’t ingratiate themselves to him when he lost, are probably quaking in their boots right now. Hopefully they’ll have some reservations about keeping him in office.

        Also, he’s unpredictable. A guy who is happy to sever relationships with China (a path we might’ve taken very far from now), was escalated due to his decisions. What makes him so dangerous is that his party doesn’t listen to reason and will grovel at his feet and praise his decisions no matter what. That kind of unity in the Republican party makes them very open to whatever Trump does, even if it’s drastic and poor decisions. Never underestimate stupidity.

      • @Coralie, Trump is the one making US in the right direction of critical changes regarding China. The US had been on a completely wrong track of China policy since 1970s and now Washington DC is trying to fix that up. The biggest mistake the US policy makers made was ushering China into WTO that led China into a huge monster and manipulator through economical leverage. Trump is the one stopping the US continuing that route and he made it impactful so far. CCP has to go! This regime has no hope making Chinese ppl better, not to mention how much threat CCP has brought to the global market and World peace.

        You’re ill-informed regarding China. Perhaps you have connections with China so you hope the tension will ease between the US and China. It’s impossible under CCP regime though, to your disappointment. I’m pretty sure both Rep and Dem are unified regarding China although Rep is more rhetorical. I was watching various media reporting rifts between China and several neighbors in South China sea right before getting on this blog. China has de-stabilized the region by poking its neighbors including Vietnam, Philippines, S. Korea, and Japan besides Taiwan. I definitely will vote for whoever has the most hawkish approaches against China. Blessed both Biden and Trump are taking hard stands against China. Who won’t? Whoever cuts slack on China will lose elections. Your opinion about China is unfavored by American mainstream now. keep being delusional!

        How is the outlook of US economy and debt status? I perhaps know much more than you. I don’t know your profession. But my job has been dealing with US debt projections for years. The federal govt has been one my business partners and client. A lot of people including reporters don’t know how to interpret national debt. if just looking at trend from the big picture, US debt to GDP ratio soared starting from 2000, the year China entered WTO. It would take months to lecture you. I did not expect you to get into politics on this site though. I suggest you educate yourself rather than just parroting what paranoid and ignorant media is terrifying you with. https://fiscaldata.treasury.gov/ is a good website to get some basic knowledge. But if you’re not an expert working in the related fields, you most likely won’t still be well informed even after browsing online.

        BTW, being triggered and calling me nobody won’t change my profession. LOL. Get a grip!

  10. It’s tacky from waist down and the worst thing about this whole look is her very obvious discomfort in such a revealing outfit as others have pointed out. That said, if worn by a non-Asian, this isn’t even considered revealing. The one recent outfit I found truly obscene and just can’t get the accolades is the Mugler atrocity worn by Zendaya. The first thing I commented to friends was that I wanted to grab the silver spray can and start spritzing at her.

  11. I follow her IG, and this has been her styling for DG for the past year or so. I do find this the most risqué one, and looks rather cold and uncomfortable. Girl seems to be living the high life modelling in Europe. She is fluent in German and English, so I assume she is a crowd favourite there (as opposed to the usual K-celebs who can only pose and smile)

  12. The dress is edgy and stylish but she very obviously looks uncomfortable in it. There were clips of her at the venue where everytime she stands up she would try her hardest to cover her crotch area. NCT’s Doyoung (who was wearing a tank top underneath his jacket) took of his jacket to let her wear it because she was already cold. Fans of kcelebs love to hype when their faves are named brand ambassadors but really it’s nothing more than parading in their outfits during fashion week and getting magazine spreads. Lol those brands can’t even sponsor their red carpet dresses at awards shows.

  13. She clearly knows how to be risque as shown in The Great Seducer (shit drama though). So, what happened here, girl? So awkward.

  14. Honesty, what was she thinking? If the collection was lingerie then it made sense for her to wear that. I know for sure she has more say then her stylist or even the designer brand and they do give them a bunch of options to choose from. So, this was her choice, and she want the attentions. Now there’s nothing wrong with that and people will talk, and she know that. So I’m just being part of the conversations. The lingerie she is wearing is just ill-fitting on the bra cup. I’ve seen the walkway version and it fitted so well on that model.

  15. Listen, this isn’t the most risqué thing at the show given Kanye attended but it just isn’t looking nice on her. It doesn’t help that Moon Ga Young looked extremely uncomfortable and fliched her way throughout. You need some curves to rock these looks like Riri and confidence to work the cameras and she lacked in both departments. I mean its her body, she can dress it as she wishes but she wasn’t feeling this deep down and that killed the vibe for me.

    • Exactly, it’s her uncomfortable vibe that’s making the dress look even worse. I do find the dress kinda ugly, but I feel like if it was worn by someone like Jessi or Hyuna (or as you said, Rihanna), it would’ve looked less bad because women like them would wear the hell out of it with confidence. Unlike Moon Ga Young here who just looked plain uncomfortable, which is the worst thing about this lol

  16. She looks anorexic, uncomfortable and tacky. How pathetic when you cannot act or aren’t pretty you get desperate and how Asians are desperate for Western media approval is so sad. If Koreans go the way of Hollywood, they will become redundant. Again, tacky and cheap.

  17. I blame the stylist. They had several options and she had to choose this one. It shouldn’t have been part of the choices in the 1st place.

  18. Also lmao, MGY looks cold AF lol. Everyone’s wearing jackets and long sleeves and the girl’s wearing lingerie that might as well be bathing suit. How can she look or be comfortable in that??

    But the outfit itself makes me uncomfortable. It’s not like I’m prudish and I understand the concept of using lingerie as a statement (which I’ve always been against maybe cus I’ve been programmed a certain way), but this outfit still looks too intimate and yes, tacky. This is the stuff you show to your partner…not the world.

    As for other designers, some of them are so creative with architectural molding of their designs! It’s a feast for the eyes. A great chunk of their creations aren’t the best for practical uses, but with the right adjustments, they are exceptionally beautiful. Like even with Miss Sohee. I found her shellfish inspired designs and other designs mid at best, but on someone like Fan BingBing, it was fiyah and absolutely appropriate for specific engagements.

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