Period Spy Thriller C-drama Deep Lurk with Cheng Yi and Ying Er Reportedly to Air Drop Next Month

This may be one of the most inadvertently apropos drama titles ever. The period spy thriller C-drama Deep Lurk was filmed in 20219 which is so far pre-COVID it was like a different lifetime ago. The drama stars Cheng Yi and Ying Er and if it’s Cheng Yi pre-Love and Redemption he hadn’t broken out yet. The drama is set in the Battle of Changsa era where the Communist party revolutionary forces battle against the occupying Japanese. Reportedly the drama has been dusted off the shelf from whence it resided and will be air dropped next week. It’s going to feel like a blast from the past in so many ways haha. Since this drama doesn’t appear to have any questionable elements or cast I’m guess the shelving was simply due to it not being that good.


Period Spy Thriller C-drama Deep Lurk with Cheng Yi and Ying Er Reportedly to Air Drop Next Month — 22 Comments

  1. I always get amazed when I go to the MDL’s page of a Chinese actor and actress and I see a bunch of dramas stashed away waiting for a date of release.

  2. If it’s bad, his fans are simply going to say it was filmed a long time ago.

    Meanwhile, he is busy stealing likes on Weibo. If you have a Weibo account and haven’t liked his recent chocolate post, check anyway because tons of people had to remove phantom likes they definitely did not make themselves.

    So desperate to go that far.

    • Why are you so jealous?🤣 OMG, get a life😂 And for your information this drama is from 4 years ago, none of us are expecting much from it.

      • Jealous of what?

        That your idol has to steal likes and pay Weibo for it? Why would a normal person be jealous of someone’s desperate situation. You should probably recheck that word in a dictionary.

    • Have u been on weibo? Its working the opposite for me. I go back to old post and the likes I click disappears. I feel like we’re using different apps

  3. Oh, do we just have to take your word for it?😂 What about his offline events? How come so many people go to his offline events too if he’s just buying likes?😂 Get a grip, stop lying so much, stop spreading hate. Go outside and touch some grass.

    • You don’t have to take my word for anything. Weibo and other sns are flooded with complaints for illegal marketing. It’s not that he buys bots, whatever, many people do.

      But forcing likes from active accounts of real people is something else. It’s forcibly taking over another person’s account. You can find many videos of people finding these phantom likes on their accounts. It’s so stupid to do this and creates such bad will. It’s not just him, Tan Jianci was caught too, for his endorsement. You can deny it all you want, doesn’t change what happened. Stupid behavior that doesn’t help either one of them.

      • Stop lying, my likes for his posts even disappear every few days, I certainly remember liking a post and next time I go visit his page my like is gone. this has happened more than once and you say he buy likes?🤣
        You people are getting insecure so you’re resorting to lying, stop this. Stop focusing on someone you don’t like. Just go and focus on your own fave

      • Can he stop hijacking other people’s accounts? When he doesn’t do this, I don’t even notice he exists.

        Laugh all you want, this was all over Chinese sns today. And he already has major problems in China. If you are actually his fan, you sure wouldn’t be laughing. When consequences come, remember you found it funny! Then laugh some more.

    • So Im not the only one experiencing that!! I also have that issue!! My likes for his posts just keeps disappearing sometimes I question if I ever seen it

  4. I dont know whether he buying likes or not in weibo.Because i dont know much about weibo.But i can defineitly say he is a very talented actor and singer.Therefore he won many awards recently.So i expect this drama also will be an another hit.

      • If nobody count as real,whats the meaning of giving those awards🤣.The winners of those awards ceremonys won those awards because they deserve it.

      • Nobody counts platform awards. It’s just platforms giving them out to people who film for them. There are very few awards that count in China and platform awards ain’t it.

      • Lol what record? Like those that claimed to sell 5k within 5 min, but still remain at 5k after 5 days?

  5. He’s one of the cleanest actors out there, some haters have tried to tarnish his name in the past and he sued them and won the case, so what are you even babbling about?🤣 stop lying, it makes you look pathetic and jealous😂

  6. I see Cheng Yi fans are playing dumb. He was caught red-handed today, sorry darlings. Your clean actor is not that clean. Now why he is so desperate to buy so many likes, to the point of violating users? You will have to answer that one as I don’t follow him but the likes thing broke today and spread wide. Hope he enjoys the attention.

    • Speard world wide?😂 you need to widen you circle🤣 If the issue was so big how come there was not even a hot search for it? You’re basically the only person I saw saying something absurd like this😂 My god, jealousy doesn’t look good on you,stop this.

      • She said spread wide, not world wide. Are you illiterate? Well, I guess it goes well with Cheng Yi who can’t pronounce basic words properly.

  7. Unbelievable, I get down to cruise in the comment section and all I’m seeing is a fight on who did and didn’t do what? Y’all need days off and vacations yesterday.

  8. I just passerby here when i ssw the comments of the haters hete instead iget angry i laugh it you peopke orived that you cant accept what chengyi got now,your so jealous,you should focus to your idol event and help him to he more famous, even you bark here there’s nothing happen.accept the fact that chengyi now is famous, he is not buying likes or whatever ubbark hete ,even me my likes to him always remove

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