Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee’s Respective Agency Confirms Breakup After Two Weeks of SNS Drama

So this is not like a slow motion trainwreck but like a fast accident when the car then keeps going and mows down additional vehicles rather than stopping. I feel so bad for all involved, even celebrities have feelings valid in their personal lives and it’s unfortunate this played out in public and had a lot of netizen commentary. K-stars Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee have broken up, after only confirming their relationship two weeks ago. They were outed by a Japanese tourist in Japan who saw them canoodling in the hotel pool lounge, like normal people are allowed to do but unfortunately this revealed lead to Ryu Jun Yeol’s ex-girlfriend Hyeri understandably making a comment which then led to Han So Hee spiraling from the implication and/or accusation that she started dating Ryu Jun Yeol when he was still unfinished with Hyeri. Ryu Jun Yeol has been silent this whole time except for the confirmation that they are dating but Han So Hee has been been unleashing word vomit on her SNS trying to clarify she dated Ryu Jun Yeol after he told her he was broken up fully with Hyeri and there was NO “transit romance”. I wish she could realize to just live her life, let things die down, and sometimes silence in golden as in this situation which at the end of the day is a romance situation involving young, famous people and everyone would understand it’s could be messy. Alas, Han So Hee could not remain silent and the inevitable conclusion is a swift end with Ryu Jun Yeol and more fodder for netizen gossip. Right before the breakup news, Han So Hee posted a picture of Nicole Kidman celebrating that was reportedly the meme for a woman after liberating in divorce after a bad relationship. Sigh.


Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee’s Respective Agency Confirms Breakup After Two Weeks of SNS Drama — 61 Comments

  1. Eep. A man ain’t worth it like that. Lol. For both of the girls to go head to head like that—with multiple gaps in both of the stories they knew about each other and with one spiraling—ol’ boy really didn’t give two beeps about either of them. If he knows even one teensy tiny thing about Korean media and K-netz and what they do to stars (in particular women), and more importantly, if he had any amount of care for either of them, he would’ve said something. He’s obviously not worth it, ladies. Wth we’re y’all thinking…

    Now we know his personality matches.

    These three have always been mid-tier performers to me anyways, so it’s too bad they let something as trivial as dating bring down their images. Smh.

    (I know there’s been a lot of talk here already, but Hyeri shouldn’t have said anything, and should’ve gone to heal instead. There are billions of dudes in the world to choose from, girl. She needs to watch the endless videos, floating around on social media, about DE-CENTERING MEN. Lol. Girrrrrlllll. Why would you turn your real life into a K-drama, sheesh.)

    • I agree about Hyeri. Realistically she started the whole thing once the photos hit. Would have been out of the news cycle pretty quickly if she’d held fire.

      • nah, hyeri post is mild, a neutral tone that will die down in less than 10 hours,
        what gives hyeri post legitimation is han so hee post merely 4 hours after hyeri to validate that hyeri is dissing her ex.
        Had han sohee didn’t post, none will happen as hyeri didn’t post anything after
        “it’s fun” post

      • All parties should have said nothing and this would have blown over. Hyeri started it and HSH got hate because of it. 100% HSH should have let it blow over but I stand by what I said. It was entirely foreseeable that haters would come after HSH as being a cheater which is what happened.

  2. To his defence, he may have thought that keeping silent was the best way out of the mess. Because, honestly: if Han So Hee hadn’t lost it, if she had never reacted to Hyeri’s bait, this whole thing would have been long forgotten. I can understand Han So Hee was upset, but all things considered she was the one that dealt with it in the worst possible way, whereas he was just trying to let this blow over (as we were all encouraging HSH to do). So I can’t blame him for trying to stay a level-headed adult when she was being an irrational teenager.

    Having said that, in case he had lied to her and started dating with her while not yet broken up with Hyeri, well, he’s an ass.But that, we will never know.

    And last but not least, who the heck is this guy. I haven’t watched him in anything and well, gossip is less entertaining when you don’t really recognize the people involved!

  3. I feel bad for everyone involved. Idk what happened bts but relationships shouldn’t be ending on pressure and gossip from the internet. That’s what happened here most likely. All of it may have been immature but isn’t exactly a wrongful deed. Alas, it does hurt public image.

  4. There is no bait. Hyeri’s “this is fun” was directly aimed at Ryu Jun Yeol. I wonder why HSH took it upon herself to go off the rails on the whole thing. If RJY last words to Hyeri is we will talk more again, of course she would be shocked by the turn of events. He should have informed her when he started dating HSH. That should have been the right thing considering they are all public figures. But the man is a coward and his new girlfriend is a nutcase, thats how the whole thing blew out of proportions. Now shes groveling and trying to apologize to him after she posted that nicole kidman picture. On the rails, off the rails. She needs to lay off social media

    • @perilla
      You nailed it all perfectly.
      In fact to be popular celebrity to get CFs, you don’t have to be the most fantastic actress but you need good looks, good attitude and good image/reputation, especially in South Korean culture. I don’t wish HSH to lose any CF or drama deals but I wonder what her current and potential advertisers and film producers would think about her social media posts….

      • Good attitude, good reputation, especially in South Korean culture… Sorry, but this is sound stupid. Some of korean celebrities had a lot of huge scandals than this, and they’re successfuly get back to work because they’re good actors/actresses. Not because they’re good people or they have good reputation.
        And I don’t think someone should be interested in celebrities personal life enough to cancel them for “wrong” things, than they’re not a criminals, and not even close to this.

      • Not at all. Some of korean celebrities had a scandal huge than that, and everything forgotten as soon as they come back to work. Especially if their new drama/movie successful

  5. I feel like everything I could have said about this whole epic mess has already been said by now. I’ve really got nothing to add other than no man who is coward enough to hide behind his gf’s skirt is worth all this.

    For Hyeri’s sake, and for HSH herself, I’m so freakin glad this is done with. Hope the girls move on and just live their best lives. This is not career ruining for HSH, but she’s got a lot of work to rebuild what she herself destroyed. Good luck to her and hopefully everyone just closes this chapter for good.

    • same, I just wish both ladies the best and for Han Sohee to please get some therapy and learn to regulate her emotions in public situations like this.

      Like you said, this is not career ruining (other actors and actresses have come back from bigger and actual scandals including crimes) but there’s no denying HSH did herself the most damage here especially with the recent follow up post. It’s not even a matter of just her career, I would want to intervene and take her phone away even if this was my ordinary civilian friend posting like this in high school, forget at age 29.

      • I get the feeling HSH doesn’t care for her career as much as other actors do. I think she values her pride more. It’s really why she’s in this huge mess. She wouldn’t allow anyone to call her a “transit love” and in the process of trying to explain that she’s not, she kept letting her emotions win out. Calling out Hyeri, posting the Nicole Kidman photo, all of her actions come from a sense of deep pride and a need to show she’s not wrong.

        I get that. I think it’s the one thing I truly get – the need to hold on to your ego no matter what the cost. From all of our perspectives, she definitely needs to just cut off social media and stop reading comments. She can never ever clear it up for everyone. No matter how right she might have been, not everyone will be on her side. But I think from her perspective, she can’t not try anyway. Even if the cost is her career. She needs to talk to a therapist potentially for some anger management but also how to let things go. Because in this industry, there’s no way she can be that prideful and continue to be successful.

      • @Butterfly – I get what you’re saying, but honestly this kind of mess and lack of self-control would be hideously embarrassing even for a regular person without a highly public career, even if she was an accountant or computer programmer and not an actress something my first reaction would be ‘girl, get help already’ because her latest outbursts really showed how badly she needs schooling in that department.

      • @Royal We

        Oh I completely agree with you without any doubt. This is the sort of thing a 30yo person cringes at when they think of their HS days. I feel second hand embarrassment for her and not because of her celebrity status. This is embarrassing for anybody, period.

        However, I was just trying to think of it from her perspective and why she’s so adamant to keep going at it despite the severe hate and mortification. Her thought process is she needs to protect her ego, which is very ironic considering that’s the one that’s completely shattered right now in the eyes of everyone else. I hope she can just take a deep breath and a break. The mortification once everything dawns on her is going to be severe, so it would be nice if she has someone professional to talk to.

      • @Butterfly, @Royal We..I had a thought as I read more about Han So Hee… She must have always being treated like a princess growing up due to her looks. She does shown a level of being spoilt. I am unsure if her family background is well off, but if it is, then her behaviour is not uncommon. This setback must really affect her pride and ego as you both mentioned. Thus she could not cope with it. For someone who is always liked by many…to be hatred online till her career is affected. It must really shock her alot.

      • @Butterfly, your assessment about HSH makes sense. She’s messed up by her own ego. If she had stayed silent throughout the entire ep and just dumped the guy, then I don’t think she would have got less humiliation instead.

      • @HL – if anything HSH’s actual background sounds like the opposite of what you speculate – her parents divorced when she was small and abandoned her to be raised by her grandmother, they don’t sound rich at all.

        On top of it HSH’s bio mother was scamming people since HSH was a minor (despite abandoning her). I imagine that kind of history is painful and leads to all kinds of issues with relationships, when her parents – the people supposed to love her unconditionally – discarded her like that. I’m not very surprised, given that history, that she ended up investing too much emotion in a guy who wasn’t worth it for her tbqh!

      • @Butterfly – yeah, that’s what I’m saying too – embarrassing but she needs help (hopefully in the form of therapy), the next decade of her life is going to be tough if she continues like this.

      • @Royal We, I did the research after the comment and have to admit i was very wrong. She has one of the most unfortunate childhood. Bought up in such a tough enviroment. Which I corrected in my next comment. I really feel for her upbringing. She really was not well thought how to due with so many setbacks.

        Regardless how she made mistakes in handling this scandal… I hope she will be taken care of…I dont want her to loss her career over this. I just hope she gets good help.

    • I just did some research, ignore my comment about her possible rich background. She did not have a easy upbringing. Her grandmother bought her up. She was not spoilt by rich family. My bad and error.

      • I think that every human being is unique, the girl may be an hyper emotional person wich can lead someone to overact in some situations( anger , saddeness , erratic behavior,…) . She may have feel persecuted after the Hyeri’s post even if it wasn’t the intention , she may have feel afraid of being tagged as the bad girl who separate a couple ,… The problem is that she is a Korean celebrity , who has to maintain a good image . It’s for all theses reasons that i don’t understand all the hate . She isn’t a criminal just someone impulsive . If we weren’t in a social medias society it wouldn’t get out of proportion .

      • @Cahill, I agree with you. I read more about her childhood, she is really a very unfortunate child with one of the worst possible mother. She must be fighter since young.
        She did handle this badly but I can see why now. Her fear of losing all she worked for…

      • @Hl – didn’t see your reply at first, yeah I guess you found out what’s known about HSH family background. I feel bad for her over that, it’s not a reason to look down on her as some netizens are doing. She’s impulsive and acted stupid, not criminal.

      • @Royal We, after i read about her sad childhood, I really feel very sad for her. To have such awful and greedy mother…poor daughter. Having to work at such young age to pay for her day to day then mum’s debts etc.
        I can finally understand why she got so emotional when she started losing Cfs etc…she must be so frightened to loss her career. And the guy did not help at all….he just kept quiet!!!

  6. Grand opening…Grand closing. All this messiness and rampaging on social media just to end with RYJ dumping her two weeks later.

    Isn’t Hyeri the Nicole Kidman in this story though? Liberated from a guy who treated her poorly after nearly a decade together. HSH dated him for barely 16 weeks and was riding for him just 24 hours ago talking in her IG post about how this is “a relationship that I need in my life” lol

    The soju company who opted not to renew her contract explained and other companies will feel the same way: “On March 28, an official from Lotte Chilsung revealed the reason the brand decided to change the model for Chum Churum. This official explained, “We can’t say that the dating news was completely irrelevant but there was an issue in the process. A celebrity is not only chosen as a model for their visuals but their character and overall activities are more important. Moreover, communication is important.”

    The official added, “In Han So Hee’s case, she revealed her relationship to the public unilaterally. She engaged in arguments and unilaterally expressed her displeasure, eventually, she was unable to control her emotions and deleted her social media posts. In the long run, this incident demonstrated how this model might react in such a manner when faced with another issue.”

    The official concluded by pointing out, “While it’s often said that true loyalty between a brand and its model means standing together through any circumstance, the actions Han So Hee displayed revealed an issue at a fundamental level. Therefore, a short-term contract is not only reasonable but also necessary.”

    I feel sorry for the poor people at her agency who have to keep cleaning up her mess. You can tell from their recent statements they are exhausted and exasperated.

    • @Sunny damn, those words from the Lotte Chilsung spokesperson are a real wakeup call to Han Sohee for her career, that is if she has the sense to actually read them and wake up about what entertainment industry she’s in, and not reframe it in her mind as haters being unreasonable or whatever (no surprise they switched to Kim Jiwon – beautiful, the most buzzed-about female celebrity of the moment and keeps her private business to herself!)

      In Hollywood – this messy online fight would make 0 difference, in Korea it clearly does.

    • The reaction from her formerly endorsed companies is as expected. This is how business works in real life. Ppl got to learn to be professional enough to leave all your private mess behind at workplace.

  7. Hyeri had the right to her first post because she was in a long 8 yr relationship. Although we were never told what ended it, all things pointed to the guy feeling bored and was attracted to new. Some ppl were married for shorter period.. so I think Hyeri’s response was understandable.

    HSH also clearly knew he has been in a public long term relationship with Hyeri since for a long time. Who started courting who, and whether RJY had cut things off with Hyeri before starting with HSH or not, only RJY would know. HSH sounded like she was misled to understand that things were settled with Hyeri when she started dating RJY, except Hyeri had a different understanding, and RJY had just been playing both girls likely because one was a long time friend and partner whom he may not love anymore, but still for old times sake, did not dare to offend, while the other is his new ‘attraction’ whom he is trying to string.

    I can also understand HSH’s indignance. She thought she has been all fair to Hyeri by ensuring she wasn’t the 3rd party who come in-between them when she started dating RJY.. but RJY’s silence has just confirmed unofficially that she is.. he hasn’t been protecting her, which actually shows what a scum he is. Likely he was just playing HSH all along and he seems like he doesn’t know what he wants either. In any case, HSH is better off without such a guy, as is Hyeri. Someone who dated you for 8yrs and still ask for a breakup is clearly never worth it.

    What would be good is if both girls take a picture of them both enjoying a private ex-girlfriend celebration together.

    As for RJY, he may have thought being silent and let things blowover is the better part not to ruin his image.. but his image is forever tarnished by his silence. Clearly this is a man not worth any decent girl’s time and effort. He looks super ugly too..

    • I agree with this comment -I can see both ladies’ point of view. Hyeri of course would not feel great to see an ex moving on so soon after an 8 year relationshop, Han Sohee would hate to be called ‘transit love’ or have it implied that Ryu Junyeol was cheating on Hyeri with her.

      In many ways this is the opposite of the other recent scandal, HSH really fed it by saying way, way too much in the belief that she was being honest or needed to air her feelings publicly. She really needs therapy or a friend who can talk sense into her or SOMETHING because acting like this at almost 30 is embarrassing.

    • Stop talking about his appearance, it’s disgusting. His face has nothing to do with this, man can be beautiful outside, but that doesn’t mean beautiful inside and opposite.
      Especially in Korea, where everyone has plastic surgery, I want to applaud him just for not bending to beauty standards.

    • Han Sohee in her last post before break up complained that Hyeri isn’t picking up her phone, invalidated Hyeri’s feelings about the break up and then asked reporters to take all their break up timeline questions to Hyeri. Hyeri doesn’t owe Sohee anything, let alone pictures together. Be real!

      • @gem
        Agree with you. It’s pretty ridiculous of HSH to demand validation or exemption from Hyeri. The ex gf doesn’t owe her any explanation or clarification. Hyeri is not working for HSH as her PR officer.

        To be frank I never come across such a real life drama from a new GF to an ex GF. HSH sounded as if she was drunk when typing all these like a diva and drama Queen.

  8. People just need to stop speculating. Celebs are human beings. So what if RJY kept quiet. It’s obvious who are the loud ones here. Both women were. The same people calling him a coward for not speaking up are the same ones that will call him an idiot for speaking up. Let bygones be bygones. People, including celebs should stop posting their business online for the world to see.

    • Lol Hyeri posted three freaking words “This is fun”. How is she “loud”? That’s literally the only thing she posted, and then the very unnecessary apology, and that’s it (I said “unnecessary” because I really think she shouldn’t have apologized, she was in a relationship with the dude for almost a decade, she has every right to vent or be a bit shady towards him even just for a little while, especially because I got the impression they didn’t end in good terms). The only loud one here is HSH, she’s the one still posting about this whole fiasco weeks later lol

  9. The hate comments won’t magically stop because they have broken up unfortunately. Sohee needs to lay down her phone and blank everything for a period of time. I have a bad feeling that she’ll react again because she can’t stop herself from reading the nasty comments.

    • It’s strange what people expect from celebrities be loyal to hate and nasty comments. Like if someone insulting Han So Hee and her family, public okay with that, but if she trying defense herself, everyone judjing her for her comments.

      • We can pretend this is a perfect world where people behave perfectly or we can be realistic. Reality is she is a celebrity and that comes with its perks and problems. Those hate comments are a problem that exists for everyone. You think Karina from Aespa didn’t get hate comments? She did. So did Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri, go take a peek at their Instagram comments. She can now be smarter about handling it or keep reacting rashly. If she reacts rashly, she’ll damage her career further. Those are facts of life, not my expectations from her.

  10. Despite all the criticism I agree that he was wise to keep silent which should have been exactly what she should have done as well. All Hyeri did was 3 words – which did not name or pointed to anything. Even if it sounded so, come on gal just came off a 7 year relationship, shes entitled to some venting (but not you!)
    She didn’t name anyone so putting yourself into the target seat was just SMH
    And it was not just her posts , they were long, and so full of emotional contradictions, instability and what not, if I’m RJY I’ll run for my life too. This is a real case of when silence is gold.

  11. I still can’t believe how a top actress like HSH managed to mishandle this to the point of bringing the flak that should have went to her (now ex-) boyfriend to herself, even fanning the flames right when people were moving on. She made a mountain out of a molehill and seems like she is STILL at it, replying to her blog comments after the breakup. It’s unfortunate because it’s terribly obvious that she’s simply being led by her emotions and will regret this once she realizes it is really not worth the public ridicule and damage in her reputation.

    • She did all those stupid decisions knowing that she can easily be replaced by a better actor with better attitude. She’s not refreshing but rather toxic.

      She may still have fans who will watch her projects but count me out.

  12. Bring an ad model is all about image. Because brands are all about image too. Hsh may not lose drama offers because of her (numerous) meltdowns but brands maybe wary of her unstable personality. No telling when her next meltdown will occur and the consequences it will bring.

  13. The silver lining for me is that everyone was going on about the official break up date which reminded me about The Greatest Love, one of my favorite Hong Sisters dramas and I’ve started a re-watch. One of the story lines is the negotiating between two of the celebrity characters on when they announce their break-up and this was in 2011. Those dates are planned like a military strategy.

    Hyeri has been in the business a long time. She might have been aiming at the dude but she knew that the woman was going to take hits with that little comment and HSH did. HSH is a hot mess and would do well in the US industry where you need to be Heard/Depp levels of crazy to have inpact. The dude was criticized for staying quiet but was the smartest one of all. Stay quiet and keep your head down but it’s not exactly romantic boyfriend material even if it is the smart thing to do.

  14. Instead of airing their dirty laundry in social media, it may be wiser to sell their stories for money to the Dispatch. Too bad it’s now over. Hope the girls can smarten up next time and vent to their pets instead. Lol 😂

  15. She may have to lay low for a period…in SK guys will turn to military to escape scandals before they make a comeback. for female, she can take learn more life skills….
    1. How to manage her emotions.
    2. What to reveal to public and what not to reveal to public
    3. Be a more discerning listener

    She can make a comeback after her break.

  16. Before the only opinion about HSH in this drama, is the fact that she lack profesional in handle thing.

    But when i read that she reply to fans comment in her blog, delete all hate comment that came to her but did not do the same to the comment who hate Hyeri. It completed make me disgusted:/

    No wonder after her statement, Hyeri IG flock with hate comment.

    I remember someone said,
    All hate comment in HSH doesnt mean it from hyeri fans, but all hate comment in Hyeri definitely hsh fans.

    They way they gaslighting Hyeri saying if hsh die it her fault really disgusting. Like idol like fans.

    • Lol han so hee fans seem to be the new seo ye ji fans, both fandoms glorify being rude and “savage” as “girlboss” behavior or something. most are cringe twitter feminists too lol

      (just to clarify, there’s NOTHING wrong with feminism, I support it wholeheartedly. But Twitter folks seem to think that being rude and brash is being a badass feminist and it’s really cringe lol)

      • Lolita: Yes! Her fans remind me so much of SYJ’s obnoxious fans and their fake feminism. If you dare criticise their fave for valid reasons you are accused of being a misogynist or male-identified. Mind you, these same people will say the most vile things about Hyeri. Same way that HSH has targeted Hyeri way more than the man she was dating.

  17. Now I see Lee Da-In is her agency mate I think what HSH expected and wanted RYJ to do was white knight for her the way LSG did for his wifey. She wanted him to release multiple statements, proudly announce they were dating, repeatedly defend her to the press, defiantly risk his career and reputation, put a ring on it.

    She was posting about RYJ like he was the love of her life and, meanwhile, RYJ’s side barely admitted they were dating after they had no choice because she announced it on her IG despite both agencies already denying the dating speculation.

    I think the relationship was that serious to him. He wanted to have a fun, low key time and was not expecting so much drama from her. The fact that he was not willing to risk anything personally or professionally to support or defend her whilst she was out there doing the very most to defend them dating speaks volumes. He already knew this relationship wasn’t going to go the distance so better to keep quiet.

    • That’s the way I see it too, that RJY was probably not serious about HSH. He was probably just attracted and in lust with her but not planning on being in a relationship with her long-term, whereas HSH thought they’re gonna last long so girlie was prepared to risk it all while RJY chose to save his career by keeping quiet.

      Not saying this as a fact, I’m just speculating just like everyone else based off of the vibes I’m getting from both of them and also their actions

    • I think so. I also got the same inkling that the guy wasn’t as serious as the gal about the blooming relationship. In a way, HSH might be too naive that she bet everything on an unworthy chicken.

      • @Lolita @Somebody: Yeah, it’s embarrassing for HSH but it appears RJY was not as serious about the relationship so it wasn’t worth it for him. He just hopped out of a serious long-term relationship in November and I think this was supposed to be a fun, relaxed fling for him but instead he ended up in the middle of more controversy and mud slinging in two weeks than in the whole previous 10+ years of his career!

        Her last IG post was the final straw and he decided to completely end things. Tbh, I suspect he was already looking for a way out when he saw how she handled things on holiday with the unhinged posts and social media obsession. I thought it was telling in the Dispatch pictures they didn’t exactly present a united front: she was glued to her phone preoccupied with what SNS was saying whilst was RJY just trailing along behind her looking glum. Then RJY opted to leave early separately and came back to Korea completely covered up, head down, mask on, trying to avoid the paparazzi. Meanwhile, HSH arrives back a day or two later smiling for the paparazzi, full face of glam, giggling with her friend, making sure the cameras got lots of good shots. Trying to act completely unbothered when she’s made it obvious from her SM posts that she is very bothered. They were clearly two people who were not on the same page about the situation or how to handle it.

        People were surprised about the dating news because of the perceived difference in looks but I was more surprised because their personalities and attitudes are extremely different. I guessed it wouldn’t last long but even cynical me didn’t think they would be broken up barely 2 weeks later lmao!

  18. Girl literally created this mess with her posts and then uploads the Nicole Kidman photo *gif of 10min consecutive facepalms*
    should have posted a red flag on her face cause that’s what she is


  19. HSH comes across as toxic and unhinged in this whole episode. If she wasnt a pretty celeb, none would attempt to whitewash her actions. She needs therapy asap, sympathy goes out to the agency staff who have to constantly clean up after her latest virtual diarrhea.

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