Excellently Spooky Teaser Posters for OCN Ghostly Detective Drama Missing: The Other Side with Go Soo and Heo Jun Ho

The Train just left the OCN station last weekend for the parallel worlds serial killer drama but it’s a shorter than usual run with 12-episodes so promos are starting for the followup drama Missing: The Other Side. I remember when networks would traditionally run ghost/supernatural/horror dramas in August to align with lunar ghost month and Missing definitely has ghosts, an entire village of them to be exact. Starring Go Soo, Heo Jun Ho, Seo Eun Soo, and Ahn So Hee, the drama is about a village full of ghostly spirits of murdered people and the investigation by the humans who encounter the village to solve the crimes and find the dead bodies. The teaser drama posters look so good, eerie and sad especially the one with all the missing people posters.

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