Matsuda Shota Marries Akimoto Kozue in J-ent Royal Couple Wedding

J-ent has had very high profile celeb marriages in 2018 alone but it’s always been getting married quietly and announcing the news to the public. It’s nice to see a flown blown celebrity wedding ceremony and this one befits an heir of Japanese acting legend as Matsuda Shota married model Akimoto Kozue this week with over 500 people in attendance. The ceremony was held at a Shinto shrine with the couple wearing traditional attire, the bride in a white kimono called shiromuku and the groom wearing the black montsuki. Shota’s father was one of Japan’s most famous film actors Matsuda Yusaku who died young in 1989 of bladder cancer at the age of 40 and Shota paid tribute to his dad in tears at the wedding thanks to his guests. In attendance were his famous Hana Yori Dango F4 brethren Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, and Abe Tsuyoshi. Congrats to the happy couple who looked so happy and gorgeous! Continue reading