Kwak Dong Yeon, Go Sung Hee, Bae Hyun Sung and Kang Min Ah Confirmed for Streaming K-drama Gaus Electronics

With the various streaming platforms I see many webtoons goes straight there for a K-drama adaptation without the need for a big budget and probably targeting the more apt audience. Upcoming Gaus Electronics, adapted from the same name webtoon, will be airing on Olleh TV and Seezn and is confirmed to star Kwak Dong Yeon, Go Sung Hee, Bae Hyun Sung, and Kang Min Ah. As the title would indicate, the drama is wholly set in the workplace of the titular Gaus Electronics in the home electronics marketing department. It’s an unassuming assignment for those stuck there but the story will showcase the life, love, and friendships of that motley crew. Kwak Dong Yeon’s character has bad EQ, Go Sung Hee is his boss who stresses out from his conduct, Bae Sung Hyun is the heir to a rival company working to glean know how, and Kang Min Ah is uptight at work but a total hothead when drunk. The drama is slated to air later in 2022.

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