Scandal Stashed College Themed K-drama Dear M to Air in Japan in 2022 and May Still Air on KBS One Day

I don’t know if I disagree with this decision on a practical level because so many people were involved and affected by the scandal when it broke in 2021. KBS college era drama Dear M was fully filed and scheduled to air in spring of 2021 when it was pulled on the heels of bullying allegations against female lead Park Hye Soo. It’s been sitting on the shelf since but the production team really suffered for what Park Hye Soo allegedly did when she was younger and it’s a huge loss on the investment as well. Today K-ent is reporting that Dear M will air in Japan in the second half of 2022 first, which isn’t a wild idea since the drama actually feels like Japanese audiences would like it. If K-netizens want to keep cancelling Park Hye Soo that remains the reality since she hasn’t been cast in any new drama or movie but I do want the other cast members and the crew of Dear M to not get cancelled along with her. So airing in Japan seems a good compromise, though I am concerned of the blowback if KBS sees that the drama did well overseas and airs it on TV after.

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