Zhou Dong Yu and the Chinese Bullying Movie Better Days Sweeps the 2020 Hong Kong Film Awards

This week the Hong Kong Film Association announced the winners of the prestigious Hong Kong Film Awards, held via a video telecast for the first time in the award history rather than one of the most star-studded red carpets and ceremonies in Asian cinema. For me the magnificence, resonance, and inspiring impact of movies that challenge the heart, mind, and soul don’t need fancy events to mark their excellence, and an award means just as much an acknowledgement done remotely as in person. The HK-China joint production movie Better Days (The Youthful Me) directed by Derek Tsang (son of Hong Kong scion Eric Tsang and also who directed hite movie Soul Mate) swept the event winning 8 awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress among the wins.

Female lead Zhou Dong Yu took him Best Actress for playing a high school girl bullied in China and the movie is about her connection with a tough outcast as the two find meaning in living and this movie sounds incredible and also highly triggering for anyone who lived through schoolyard bullying. Best Actor went to HK veteran actor Tai Bo for the senior gay love move Suk Suk (Uncle) as it explored two old men who finally have a chance to experience love after they have lived most of their lives according to society expectations. I’m so happy and satisfied to see the HK Film Awards acknowledge and reward movies and performances that touch upon margins of society yet give hope that perhaps happiness can be within reach.

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