Big Bang Members Taeyang and Daesung Finish Military Service with Hundreds of Fans Welcoming Them Back

It’s been a bad year of publicity for K-pop boy group Big Bang most notably around member Seungri. Maybe that will change now that three of his group members have successively returned from military service and perchance the group promotes again. G-Dragon finished his service two weeks ago and this week Taeyang and Daesung were discharged together. If I thought their popularity was over with the arrival of popular newer groups like BTS and also the bad scandals, that’s clearly not the case as the boys were welcomed back with easily hundreds of fans in attendance complete with coordinated signs and cake and flowers. It was massive and a good sign for the group if they are planning a comeback. Continue reading

Audience Poll Reveals Hallyu Stars the Chinese Fans are Most Looking Forward to in 2016

The top echelons of popularity when it comes to Hallyu stars feels like one of those elite clubs – hard to get in but once in it’s a breezy ride to stay on top. How else to explain the enduring … Continue reading