Over 3000 Fans Show Up for G-Dragon’s Completion of Military Service

It’s fairly certain that formerly top K-pop group Big Bang is over as we now it after over a decade run on top. Member Seungri‘s scandal this year is just too much to sweep under the rug plus there are other members dealing with their own problems. G-Dragon has been in the military for the last two years so it’s probably great timing that he hasn’t been around during this time but he’s back now as he was discharged this weekend with over 3000 fans welcoming his return. He already had a thriving solo career and I expect him to return to that as well as producing and writing behind the scenes. Time will tell if the greater Korean public will still turn out for his projects but his devoted fandom clearly is 100% behind him.


Over 3000 Fans Show Up for G-Dragon’s Completion of Military Service — 11 Comments

  1. Lols, just because there are many new top groups doesnt mean that bigbang isnt a thing anymore. In their 13 years, there had a lot of scandals. But seungri’s latest one is the hardest. But there was another top group who committed one of bigbang scandals, im pretty much sure, they wont be on top as long as bigbang. Bigbang got the recognition from not only fans but also casual kpop listeners. While some other top groups made it bcuz of their fans.

    Well, lets see, how will bigbang survive this time. Waiting for the other 2 to complete their duties.

    Welcome back jiyoung!!!

  2. I love GD ❤️Welcome back, your concert in NZ August 2016 was ultimately one of my All time favourite concerts ever and I still have the pics to reminisce over. Please come back if you can.

  3. I think the article means Big Bang won’t come back as a group if all members are not able, at least I believe Seungri is out for good. GD is so talented that I am sure his music solo will not be in problem and I am also looking forward to his great fashion sense ?

  4. It’s really unfortunate that Seungri turned out to be a sleazy douchebag but the other members shouldn’t have to suffer for his mistakes. I hope that the remaining 4 can still continue and succeed as Big Bang.

  5. They can bring back Jang Hyun Sueng with them. I didn’t know my YG didn’t make him debut with Big Bang. I thought Big Bang with 6 members would have had been better and would have been good as 5 even without Seung-ri.

    • -I thought Big Bang would have had been better as 6 members then and would still be great as 5 members without Sueng-ri now. –

  6. I’m fine with the four of them. Just need them to come out with something great. I can’t seem to get with the newer Kpop groups. So sad I missed their Alive tour but their Made concert is my all time fav. VIP.

  7. Glad to see GD back, its been too long! Love him as a soloist and as BB’s leader. Personally I don’t think the members will want to come back as Big Bang if it isn’t all 5 of them.

  8. FORMERLY??? Maybe your opinion (and generally I always agree with your viewpoints cause I love your blog!) BUT BIGBANG is and always will be the BEST KPOP group!!! Flower Road was a hit and they did not even do promotions for that songs let’s try to see if these so called current popuar boy bands can top that. They are only popular due to the fact that they were heavily promoted via social media…BIGBANG coming back (Taeyang and Daesung will be out by November) will bring back KPOP glory…

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