Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young Finish Filming K-movie Brave Citizen Scheduled for Later 2022 Release

A feel good and educator focused K-movie is coming later in 2022 called Brave Citizen and this weekend filming wrapped. Starring Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young, the movie is based on a webtoon and tells the story of a female boxer turned contract high school teacher and dreams about getting tenure. She avoids problems at the school until she can’t help but try and straighten out the school’s most trouble prone kid. Shin Hye Sun is the teacher and Lee Jun Young goes back to high school days to play the student and without having read the source material this sounds more like a Dangerous Minds type of uplifting story rather than a teacher-student romance angle. The director previously did Love Forecast, Closer to Heaven, and Voice of a Murderer.

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