Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young Finish Filming K-movie Brave Citizen Scheduled for Later 2022 Release

A feel good and educator focused K-movie is coming later in 2022 called Brave Citizen and this weekend filming wrapped. Starring Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young, the movie is based on a webtoon and tells the story of a female boxer turned contract high school teacher and dreams about getting tenure. She avoids problems at the school until she can’t help but try and straighten out the school’s most trouble prone kid. Shin Hye Sun is the teacher and Lee Jun Young goes back to high school days to play the student and without having read the source material this sounds more like a Dangerous Minds type of uplifting story rather than a teacher-student romance angle. The director previously did Love Forecast, Closer to Heaven, and Voice of a Murderer.


Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jun Young Finish Filming K-movie Brave Citizen Scheduled for Later 2022 Release — 13 Comments

  1. I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be teacher romance because LMH’s last drama didn’t do well. Honestly there are enough topics to delve about than a teacher romance.

  2. Rooting for Shin Hye Sun, she’s one of the best and most versatile actresses of her gen, worked her way from small supporting roles to lead roles without a big company handing roles to her in a silver platter. She’s also one of the few actual ratings draw amongst her peers. Was annoyed at her character in LOTBS, but that’s just a testament to her great acting skills. Love her in her follow-up roles. Wish her all the best!

    Also, if anyone here can read hangul and browse KNetz forums, can anyone tell me what do Knetz say about her now? Did they already forgiven her for you know what? because in my opinion there’s really nothing to forgive lol
    Will appreciate it if anyone can give me some info

    • you know what?

      and wow, you’re right about her being a ratings draw! she’s so lowkey that i didn’t even put it together until you spelled it out just now. she deserves much more fanfare than she is getting right now.

      • I mean the Mr Queen controversy, which was sort of a weird delayed reaction from knetz lol
        It was around the Joseon Exorcist cancellation controversy when KNetz just randomly decided that Shin Hye Sun should be cancelled too after appearing in Mr Queen, which was by then considered a drama that “distorted history” along with Joseon Exorcist. I don’t like dictating how koreans should react to things in regards to their history, but it’s just super weird to me that after enjoying Mr Queen (it had high ratings during its run), they just suddenly decided they hate it and Shin Hye Sun? Besides, it’s a fantasy drama anyway, so I think some creative license should be allowed and the hate towards her was so unwarranted. I hope she’s forgiven now because she really worked hard to get to where she is now. And I agree, while she’s already fairly popular, she deserves more hype in proportion to her talent

  3. Tbh, she should be in the running for Queen of Tears by Park Ji Eun. I can see her as the FL with SIA as second FL. SHS has come a long way since Angel Eyes as a young Cha Min Soo along with Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul playing the younger versions of the leads. In fact I like Nam Ji Hyun to be opposite Kim Soo Hyun too.

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