Taipei Film Festival Crowns Joseph Chang Best Actor

The Taipei Film Festival was held in July and once again highlighted talented actors, directors, and producers of the very quirky local movie industry. Normally I don’t pay much attention, except for when one of my favorite TW-actors Joseph Chang winning Best Actor for a bravura performance in Boyfriend Girlfriend (with his co-star Bryan Chang also winning Best Supporting Actor as well). I love how happy Joseph was on winning this coveted award, which really solidifies his reputation as a movie star rather than an idol actor. Winning on the actress side was Best Actress Sandrine Pinna for Touch of the Light and Best Supporting Actress Amber Kuo for LOVE. It’s nice to see someone win from that huge ensemble movie LOVE, and Amber must’ve really made quite an impression to stand out from the star-studded cast. The TFF award’s ceremony was also memorable for Bolin Chen and Gwui Lun Mei reuniting to walk the red carpet and present together. Their public display of cuteness left the media wagging their tongues as usual about them being more than just BFFs, but both of them just played coy as usual. They love stringing the public along with their are they-aren’t they tango, but they are so talented and sincere I don’t mind watching them do their pas-de-deux forever. Continue reading