Lee Joon Makes First Appearance in Episode 4 of Bulgasal and K-netizens are Swooning Over His Cool Evil Character

I remember watching Interview with a Vampire and being way more entranced with the evil Lestat than the emo with human regret Louis. When one is the undead it’s more fun to just embrace it, at least cinematically. The tvN weekend drama Bulgasal deals with main character(s) who are immortal and must deal with the consequences of their inability to die and the lives of the humans around them. It’s gotten decent reviews to start but the big buzz after this weekend’s new episodes centers around the arrival of Lee Joon playing the second male lead who is also immortal. He’s got no qualms with his powers and is clearly a stone cold baddie and the K-netizens are swooning over how shivery and scary he is in just a few scenes alone. This role is Lee Joon’s first television drama since returning from military leave and this month he also be seen in in the Netflix sci-fi drama The Silent Sea.


Lee Joon Makes First Appearance in Episode 4 of Bulgasal and K-netizens are Swooning Over His Cool Evil Character — 19 Comments

  1. His appearance definitely makes me more interested to continue watching this show. What a grand entrance for a villain plus he’s sexy and hot to boot.

  2. He had me sitting up and paying attention. Characters like his are much more fun to watch, and he’s good at playing evil. Glad he’s finally back.

  3. He is always good . He is another example of a former idol who became a very good actor . Fun fact , you can watch a drama with Lee Se Young, Lee Joon and Oh Jung Se named Vampire detective , not my cup of tea but you get 3 for one !

    • My favourite drama of his is Heard it Through the Grapevine – still early in his acting career but Ahn Pan Seok doesn’t play around with casting, he did well even when he shared the frame with Yoo Jun Sang, Yoo Ho Jung and Go Ah Sung.

      (It’s a really good drama that doesn’t get much attention from ifans, probably because it’s not romance focused lol)

      • Heard It Through the Grapevine is also among my all time favorites! Lee Joon has a way of making his characters layered and interesting whether it’s a bumbling privileged kid or a badass villain.

      • lovee that drama! it’s pretty easy to watch on the surface but so intriguing if you care to look beyond!

  4. I don’t think he is sexy because his character is horrible but he is really good at being scary and disturbing here. I think playing villain and supporting suits him better than when he tries to play lead.

  5. I have been very fond of Lee Joon since I discovered him in Father Is Strange. What a bonus to watch him for 52 episodes. Back then, I shipped him with Jung So Min so hard. Sigh, alas it was not to be. Now that he has made his grand entrance, I will watch it in Netflix.

  6. Lee Joon is one of my favourite actors since Father is strange. Then heard it through the grapevine. He was soo funny, but also the emotional scenes were so well done. It was kind of satirical, but he was just spot on!! Was hoping for nice lead role when he came back, but will love him while gating him for the time being ?

  7. Lee Joon is a great actor in all his roles until now! His appearances’ve brightened and made the screen more excited! His hotness’s promoted the projects that he attended with huge attentions as always! He got the strange thinking which choosing always the difficult characters for showing his acting skill but I’m proud that he’s always taken the dramas/movies’s spotlight even not with the lead roles. Excited waiting for his lead role in Red single heart!

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