Modern BL-novel Adapted C-drama Chasing the Light with Wang An Yu and Fan Cheng Cheng Reportedly Airdropping on Streaming in April 2024

This may be an April Fool’s joke but C-ent insiders are saying that the deepest buried BL-novel adapted C-drama may get an air drop this month in April. The drama is a modern story titled Chasing the Light starring Wang An Yu and Fan Cheng Cheng adapted from the novel My Left Shoulder Has You. The novel is about the friendship and gay love between the two male leads, an adopted young man with a chip on his shoulder and a rough street smart dude and is well-liked by the readers of the BL-novel genre. This was filmed years ago when both actors were much less famous but both have recently had C-dramas air that buoyed their career a step so releasing it now may be as good a time as any. Of course the drama will be scrubbed of any BL-elements and it’s unclear whether the streaming only release if it happens will result in a quick U-turn if the authorities get involved.

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Sudden Airing of A League of Nobleman Followed by Justice in the Dark Leads Fans of BL Novels Awaiting Drama Adaptations to Think the Ban Has Been Lifted in C-ent

So the chatter is on in C-ent fandom of a certain subset called danmei novels (or BL novels) that the unofficial ban on the genre is/may be lifted. Last month a period drama called A League of Nobleman aired that … Continue reading