Production of C-drama Immortality Sends Re-cut Drama for Airing Permit and Believes This Time it Will Pass Because the Drama Has Female Leads for Love Lines

So the word in C-ent is that the production of C-drama Immortality (Hao Yi Xin) adapted from the BL novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun also known as Erha is attempting yet another try for airing approval. This is not a surprise the drama was a S-level production costing millions of dollars in production costs, is done with filming and doesn’t need costly re-shoots since no one in the main cast is cancelled, and leads Chen Fei Yu and Luo Yun Xi remain popular if not even more popular since the drama was filmed 4 years ago in 2020. The original length was 58-episodes but reportedly has been cut to under 40 due to the new requirements and also to re-tool the drama from a BL-wink wink angle to a standard male lead and female lead hetero-romance. The production feels they were lucky among all the other BL-novel adaptations currently on ice such as Winner is King and Guardians of the Land in that Immortality does have two female leads in the story already so it’s easy to edit it to a hetero romance and get approval rather than keeping it romance free while hinting at the BL angle which is what made The Untamed and Word of Honor so popular. At this point the production just wants to air and recoup money and they don’t care about upsetting fans of Erha or the female viewers who love the BL-genre.

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New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air

Well, I think the young C-actors who did BL-adapted dramas need to thank their lucky stars for their big breaks before the entire industry came crashing down nearly two years ago with what was then a soft ban. No BL … Continue reading

Sudden Airing of A League of Nobleman Followed by Justice in the Dark Leads Fans of BL Novels Awaiting Drama Adaptations to Think the Ban Has Been Lifted in C-ent

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