FNC Entertainment Airs Reality Show Featuring its Artists Including Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Dong Gun

I’ve always known that the two male leads Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa in Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) belonged to the same agency FNC Entertainment. Yong Hwa joined first as part of the idol band CNBlue, whereas Dong Gun joined the agency after he was discharged from the army. FNC is primarily a music agency but has branched out in recent years to sign talented actors I follow such as Yoon Jin Seo (Fugitive: Plan B) and Park Kwang Hyun (Cheongdamdong Alice). I adore Lee Dong Gun more than ever after watching him continue to excel in his craft in MHIYD, doing more in bringing out the role of Kim Shin than I think was put to paper. I’ve also grown fond of Jung Yong Hwa in the last few episodes of drama, and hopefully he’ll continue to pique my interest through the remainder of the drama just so I can put a reassuring period at the end of his performance and say that he’s improved for real. For those of you who love these two hot guys but can’t slog your way through MHIYD, never fear because FNC Entertainment is here to the rescue.

The agency is premiering a reality show about itself, chronicling the life of its recording artists and actors set at its headquarters in Cheongdamdong 111. That is also the name of the show which airs on cable network tvN at midnight and slated for an 8-episode run. The idea is to lift the veil on the mundane and amusing behind-the-scenes lives of the stars and hopefully bring the fans closer to their favorite oppa and unni. In terms of recording groups, FNC reps not only CNBlue but also F.T. Island with Lee Hong Ki, Juniel, AOA, and a few more rising musical talent. This isn’t the biggest agency around but it has made a niche for itself in packaging idols with more musical talent than lip synching and dancing in unison. The first episode airs on November 21st but you can check out the preview below. I’m not sure if Lee Hong Ki is just trying to cause a commotion among his fans but when he’s sitting with some label mates and is asked if he has a girlfriend, he says he does and it hasn’t been for very long. I know his turn this past Summer in the global edition of We Got Married with Fuji Mina was very popular so there might be some shippers disappointed very soon if his girlfriend slip of the tongue turns out to be true. Curiosity might get the better of me come this weekend and I’ll check this show out for a midnight snack. Continue reading