My Kingdom (大武生) Releases Thrilling Extended Trailer

A twelve-minute long official promotional trailer has been released for the upcoming movie My Kingdom (Da Wu Sheng 大武生) starring Han Geng, Wu Zun, and Barbie Hsu. Just a week after the movie held it’s press conference, director Gao Xiao Sheng found himself on the other side of the law after being arrested for drunk driving, and he was immediately sentenced to six-months in jail (this is China, don’t ask me about their drunk driving laws). This throws the movie into a predicament, since it’s apparently not finished with final edits, and the director was also supposed to attend all the promotional tours, effectively leaving his three young leads carrying this movie towards in August premiere.

Based on the twelve minute trailer (linked below with English subs, so everyone can watch), I’m not terribly worried. My Kingdom looks amazing, both in action choreography, set and costume design, and plenty of love, loyalty, and honor-related angst. I am really impressed with what I have seen – this looks to be a potential Summer blockbuster. Continue reading

My Kingdom (大武生 Da Wu Sheng) Wraps Principle Photography and Scheduled for Fall 2011 Release

Da Wu Sheng 大武生 (English title My Kingdom) might just be the most anticipated Chinese movie of 2011. A Sino-Hollywood collaboration, produced by Andre Morgan (Oscar-winning producer who made Million Dollar Baby), director Gao Xiao Sheng, famed screenwriter Zhou Jin … Continue reading