Lee Jong Seok Melts Hearts as the Domesticated Leading Man in Teaser Stills for Davichi’s Comeback MV

This is too blatant and ballsy in an adorable way not to promote and share. The ladies of Korean ballad duo Davichi are releasing their sixth EP this month and found super popular K-actor Lee Jong Seok to be their leading man in the MV for their second┬ásingle “From Giving Love to Receiving Love”. Beyond saying “I approve!”, I am even more amused by the ways they’re using Lee Jong Seok in the MV judging by the first teaser stills. He’s clearly domesticated judging by how he’s ironing his own shirt, which could only be topped if he was ironing his woman’s shirt for her, so much egalitarian rawr I can’t even. After that he goes for a walk in his lush green garden wearing said shirt and looking longingly back. Maybe he’s worried that he left the rest of the laundry hanging out in the rain. Run, Jong Seok, run and get those laundry for the Davichi ladies as their croon out their wistful romantic dreams and wishes. Continue reading