Knowing Wife Premieres Around 5% Ratings But Dear Judge Still Leads the Wed-Thurs Time Slot

The new arrival in the Wed-Thurs time slot is tvN time-traveling or do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Life) with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, and the two veteran leads with a spotty drama ratings track record managed to debut with very solid ratings for cable. Knowing Wife premiered with 4.680% and then rose to 5.535% in episode 2. Leading the time slot remains SBS legal twins drama Dear Judge averaging around 6% which isn’t much of a lead, while the other two dramas MBC melodrama Time and KBS slice of life drama Your House Helper are really low in ratings averaging around 3%. Apparently episode 1 of Knowing Wife seemed too similar to last year’s Go Back Couple but episode 2 turned the narrative into its own unique stream enough the quell the grumblings of the uber finicky K-netizens and the drama appears to be on its well to a successful run. Continue reading