Kim Sae Ron Drops Out of KBS Drama Dear M and is Quickly Replaced with Rising Teen Actress Noh Jeong Eui

Not sure what happened behind the scenes but it certainly makes for a newsy Monday morning in the Seoul entertainment papers. K-actress Kim Sae Ron has abruptly dropped out of the drama Dear M reportedly due to a difference in opinion with the direction. She was reprising her character in the drama which is a spinoff of the drama Love Playlist and has a love line with the character played by Bae Hyun Sung. Filming already began so the production went into defcon mode to quickly find a replacement and did so same day with rising teen actress Noh Jeong Eui (Roh Jeong Eui). It’s so serendipity because she’s totally caught my attention as girl twin high schooler in 18 Again. Hopefully she’ll transition into the role and make it her own take, either way the show must go on.


Kim Sae Ron Drops Out of KBS Drama Dear M and is Quickly Replaced with Rising Teen Actress Noh Jeong Eui — 35 Comments

  1. Difference in opinion? Why not drop out of the drama long time ago before it starts filming. I think something big must have happened behind the scenes. Ultimately I hope she’s okay(?) if she has health issues? 🙁

    What happened to her? She used to be a promising actress but her career languished and slowed down for like the past 4-5 years. Everyone thought she would be the third leg of the powerful Kim sisters but she kind of disappeared and her star power keeps fading.

    • Agree. I feel disappointed that her career was not managed well by her agency. She used to be an arch rival of So Hyun and Yoo Jung. It is so painful to see that So Hyun and Yoo Jung are on the top with multiple starrer projects under their belt while Sae Ron is left stagnant or doing onky supporting roles. I hope she resurge again. Wish her to comeback to her roots which is the Chungmuro. I guess she will totally excel in that field as what she used to be.

      Currently, I feel like the 3rd best Kim is Kim Hyang Gi. She may not be a beauty standard but her acting talent is superb. I am also watching Kim Hye Yoon who is one of the rising stars of this gen. She may give So Hyun and Yoo Jung a run for their money if she keeps her good work.

    • Kim Sae Ron isn’t considered pretty enough as an adult for prominent roles – Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung (to a lesser degree) meet the Korean beauty standard and thus their careers have flourished.

      • wdym lesser degree?? lmfao knetz thinks that kim yoo jung is the top among 20’s actress in terms of acting and beauty especially beauty lol

      • and fyi kim yoo jung dramas is way higher than dramas of so hyun so lesser degree my a ss lol

      • @hope
        if kim yoo jung is the beauty standard, so that standard is pretty low i guess? lol. Her upturned nose is not beautiful at all

      • First time to hear that. I always thought that Sae Ron is considered beautiful because she, So Hyun and Yoo Jung were dubbed before as the next TaeHyeJi. Such recognition is a testament that she had the beauty fit for the standards of Korea like the TaeHyeJi. Anyways, I find these 3 Kims beautiful with So Hyun as the classical beauty one and Yoo Jung and Sae Ron as the modern beauty ones.

      • @hope

        Who are these knetz? YJ fans? LOL. Yoo Jung and So Hyun are equally considered the top of their gen. In fact, So Hyun has an edge because her dramas are well-received overseas and has bigger international fandom than Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung needs to do a lot of projects in order to challenge So Hyun’s huge fan base.

      • @thylane you’re obviously jealous lmao just accept your fave is flop plus literally kim yoo jung’s fandom is the whole korea + international fans that’s why her dramas have higher ratings than your so hyun LOL she even outshined jcw in backstreet rookie all knetz praises are for her if you read some translated comments from twitter lmao stay pressed b i t c h

      • @ hope
        Defend your actress but Don’t make up false information, there is no article or stats that say knetizens thinks she’s the most pretty and best acting in her 20s.

        @ kes
        What’s with your nose obsession? Stop it. She’s pretty.

        @ rina
        Please stop making up things about why she isn’t as popular with your own theory. Where’s the facts? Show me the articles

        Many of you here needs to present actual facts instead of making things up to support your opinion.

      • @hope is the next joane for being delusional.. hahahaha.. all of things she said is the other way round ?

      • I realize how people are so harsh of Yoojung & Saeron as adult actress. REMEMBER they are only in their early twenties so give them a break. People should stop comparing the three KIMs career because they have their own path to lead. People here are so annoying.

      • @hayana
        Let’s be real, all three Kims get harsh reactions. There’s no need to paint a pity song for your particular favorites when they all suffered. I vividly remember your fandom being vicious towards other fandoms all the time, you can try to scoff them off as imposters but then you have to be fair and say the same for other fandoms as well.

    • Among the 3 Kims, in my opinion, KSY is the best in picking projects that fits her. Even her cameo roles are memorable. As to acting, she is the best plus she gives great chemistry with all of her co-stars.

      • @ari that comment about kim yoo jung being the best actress in her 20s is not a lie fyi lmfao if you see translated articles about backstreet rookie and yoojung post like the qoo and instiz, nate you’ll know just admit your so hyun is below her 🙁

      • @hope
        You misinterpreted! You only read translated comments of those articles! There’s no polling or stats involved. Every article will have positive comments from the readers of the article.

  2. Isn’t she with Kim Soo-hyun’s management now? Why does she keep on getting these roles (second fiddle to someone like Park Hye-soo and getting paired with nobodies in a children’s web drama?) instead of landing starrers like the two Kims?

  3. @KES
    I dont understand why u r so obsessed with yoo jungs nose but as i said before beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and for her fans she is the most beautiful person inside out and as for ur obsession abt her nose i guess u better concentrate on the actress who has beter nose structure and ignore her no need to b offensive abt someone just becoz u dont like them and waste ur precious time and energy on someone u dont care an iota
    And this post is abt saeron not the kims

  4. Why are most of you comparing beauty and calling certain ones inferior and not pretty? I’m sure most of you must be supermodels in real life to have the audacity to compare each actress. Look in the mirror first before you speak. Compare acting, not looks is acceptable. Every fandom of each actress has this problem, so don’t act pure and act like your fandom, which ever one you like the most is all pure and kind. There’s many shallow fans in each fandom.

    • What an asinine comment – if you have to be beautiful to judge beauty, it stands to reason that you have to be a brilliant actress to judge acting ability too. You fan girls are really something else.

  5. I must want my girl to catch a break. She’s got the talent and hopefully her management will get her a role that’s suitable and will raise her star. She had so much promise as a child actress and I hope she gets the fame she deserves

  6. @thylane
    Yoo jung dont need to prove or challenge any actress or compete with fan base not becoz she is not good but becoz she is frds with the the kims and other actors
    And she is a very loyal person
    This trash or competition or whatever is done by some of her not so good fans and she is not any which way responsible to prove anything to anyone
    Her work talks and we fans are happy
    And abt being internationally famous she will be in due time becoz she is a hard working matured intelligent girl and everything shouldnt b abt competition
    I dont bother to reply normally unless provoked but i felt u genuinely defended ur actress like i m doing so lets b mature and only defend our idols withot demeaning others unlike some who only talks trash

  7. this actually is kind like of a diva attitude. i wonder if she had paid a penalty fee for stepping down from the drama? for breaching of contract I mean.. like in many business entertainment novels I’ve read

    • Agree. Maybe it is the reason why she can’t catch up with the other 2 Kims in terms of starrer projects. K-media is so small for them to know who are the good girls and bad girls.

  8. @Hope

    Please stop trolling. I know you’re not a true YJ fan. You just want the fandom to look delusional for claiming anything about YJ based on unreliable sources.

    You must be an idiot if your sources to say YJ is the top girl of her gen are twitter comments and translated Korean articles.

    If you’re talking about popularity, just take a look at their IG followers. So Hyun has 9.5 million while Yoo Jung has only 4 million.

    And I think that also says a lot that So Hyun has a lot of international hit dramas than Yoo Jung. So Hyun’s characters are extremely memorable that a lot of international fans know who is Lee Eun Bi, Go Eun Byul, Kim Hyun Ji and Kim Jojo.

    Although YJ has a big hit called LITM, it is a bitter pill to swallow that PBG is the only one catapulted to superstardom by that drama.YJ’s character in that drama.

    Lastly, the last 2 dramas of YJ were all flop in ratings. CWPFN achieving a low rating of 1% and BSR average only 6% during its run which is so low for SBS records.

    Hope you understand everything now. Stop pretending a YJ fan because we all know that you just want to bring toxicity.

    • lol @thylane without yoojung in Litm bogum will be nothing lol br has more higher ratings than bogum drama. instagram followers don’t show nothing ratings of the drama shows how popular an actress is. looks like ur sohyun is a flop and she’s ugly too in her recent drama and looks like her drama with the weakest male lead which is jisoo will flop so hard lmfao

      • lol idiot moonlightyoo joane with a newname hope.. bogum was already a star before the litm. he was popular due to hello monstar and reply 1988. while yujung at that time only rely on her success from tmets which was like 4 years ago before litm. so obviously bogum was the one who carried the drama..and he continued gained success in his next 2 dramas. unlike yujung, both her 2 dramas are FLOP! even popular PD and best sbs timeslot can’t even save her. in litm, she just rode on his success, exactly on how she rode on jcw popularity to become popular. that’s a bitter truth. but swallow it. but who knows right maybe she’ll have it in hongchun gi because they have mlfts and hyena pd. but if it’s a flop again, then LOL.

  9. Rumor has it, its to do with casting credits. Its a sensitive issue in acting industry. They say her name was number three over her two co-stars who are newbies. Order of casting is important, it can affect your pay, appearances in the production, reputation and future bookings. If that is truly the reason. I understand why she dropped out.

  10. It`s a dog eat dog world, just like in Hollywood once your fame starts to fade they replace you with someone else, if Kim Sae Ron keeps this up of rejecting roles she will wind up working at a McDonalds.

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