Final Teasers for Love Through a Millennium Premiering This Sunday

It’s been a nice month-long build up towards the premiere of the C-version of Queen In Hyun’s Man. The drama Love Through a Millennium starts this Sunday and airs two episodes a week every Sun-Mon similar to the typical Korean drama airing schedule rather than the frenetic C-drama airing of two short episodes a night all week long. This drama isn’t being called a Chinese-Korean coproduction but it really is since Korean production house CJ E&M is participating and the behind the scenes talent includes a Korean PD and the original screenwriter consulting on the remake.

The final batch of drama stills are out along with the official poster above showing the leads Jin Bo Ran and Zheng Shuang in sweet embrace. The art direction for this drama has been exquisite and the poster conveys the central romantic mood perfectly, a very tender and passionate connection between a modern day actress and a time-traveling Han dynasty scholar. The production released a few more short teasers and one longer preview that is more background set up than actual spoilers about the drama. It shows the two lead characters going about their everyday lives in their respective time periods before meeting on the same bridge in different times. Enjoy the last bits of appetite whetting and fingers-crossed the drama is as enjoyable as the promotional materials have been. Continue reading

Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya Embark on a Deliciously Tortured Love for C-drama Loving, Never Forgetting

There is a genre of Chinese dramas called nie lian (孽恋) which basically translates as tortured love or tormented love. It’s probably a genre that closest aligns with the makjang K-melodrama. Tortured love C-dramas are all about the dysfunctional love of … Continue reading