Final Teasers for Love Through a Millennium Premiering This Sunday

It’s been a nice month-long build up towards the premiere of the C-version of Queen In Hyun’s Man. The drama Love Through a Millennium starts this Sunday and airs two episodes a week every Sun-Mon similar to the typical Korean drama airing schedule rather than the frenetic C-drama airing of two short episodes a night all week long. This drama isn’t being called a Chinese-Korean coproduction but it really is since Korean production house CJ E&M is participating and the behind the scenes talent includes a Korean PD and the original screenwriter consulting on the remake.

The final batch of drama stills are out along with the official poster above showing the leads Jin Bo Ran and Zheng Shuang in sweet embrace. The art direction for this drama has been exquisite and the poster conveys the central romantic mood perfectly, a very tender and passionate connection between a modern day actress and a time-traveling Han dynasty scholar. The production released a few more short teasers and one longer preview that is more background set up than actual spoilers about the drama. It shows the two lead characters going about their everyday lives in their respective time periods before meeting on the same bridge in different times. Enjoy the last bits of appetite whetting and fingers-crossed the drama is as enjoyable as the promotional materials have been.

Final previews for Love Through a Millennium:


Final Teasers for Love Through a Millennium Premiering This Sunday — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t get the tag line in the previews. I think part of the draw of the original was the awesome chemistry. The way he stared at her like he really really like her. Hope it’s the same here.

  2. Jang Bo rang looks just like seo kang joon from what’s with this family.

    The cinematography looks gorgeous and I am glad the original writer is also doing this one.

    China should do more dramas with Korean staff. They work well together. Kill me heal me is and is using Chinese money and it is paying off for everybody.

  3. I was not so sure about this remake but looking from the preview, it seems like it’s going to be great.

    And I spotted the infamous red phone booth in the long preview and it made me go awww.

  4. Watched the first 4 episodes. The drama is cute! Although, the Original Queen In-Hyuns was better of course. But this one is cute, the lead actress is cute and plays her character well. I’m glad they didn’t do a direct copy and injected some difference scenes to make it fresh, but I wouldn’t mind watching this.
    Although, I am wondering if it is because of plastic surgery or what, but the Chinese, Hong Kong and Korean Actors and Actresses all look so similar now. Even though that is what got me hooked on Kdramas was that the Korean Dramas had actresses and actors that looked like the TVB stars of yesteryears, but still, it is odd to see so many stars across different countries look like their twins or brothers/sisters.

    • Each episode is 45 min (15 min commercials during the hour) so it’s technically airing 2 episodes a night for two nights but really it’s airing 1.5 hours a night. Don’t mind the episode count.

      • Thank you! I am trying to watch on YT, and it’s been confusing me no end. The first C-Drama I’ve watched and the first raw, glad it’s a remake so I have at least some sketchy idea of the story.

  5. Have already watched the first 4 eps. Love its lighting and cinematography, it’s better than another cdramas. Glad to see that jing boran looks promising as chinese version of Kim Boong Do. Ms. Koala, pls keep updating this drama.:):)

  6. I had my doubts about this drama cause remakes from china are touch and go for me. But the long preview has pulled me in. And after learning that writer from the original was writing the script i’m way more excited cause I love the original QIHM.

  7. Dear Koala would it be presumptuous to ask if your up to recapping these for us? As a huge fan of QIHM, I am really excited to see this. Of course watching it raw is nice, but it’d be a huge bonus to understand it. Thank you for your blog!

  8. Just finished ep 20 and loving it !! Wish there were more news about this series though….. Maybe my C-drama sources are just not quite there, but this series don’t seem to be heavily promoted ? Hope I’m wrong. It deserves more noise.

    And thanks Koala for putting this in your list of shares !

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