K-netizens Swoon and Sigh in Recent Check in on Jo Seung Woo and His Love for the Abandoned Dog He Adopted

Man, if this man wasn’t already an A-list star in Korea and much beloved in the industry, not sure how much better of a person he can be and he still one ups himself. Jo Seung Woo adopted a dog last year in early January 2021 after reading that this dog was one day from being euthanized by a local shelter after being passed up for adoption. He stepped in and adopted the little boy and it’s been a year and a half now and K-netizens recently checked in on Jo Seung Woo and his life being a Dog Dad and found the two basically living the best life together. The dog is so loved as it should be and Jo Seung Woo just radiates Dog Dad 4Ever energy. Sharing this pics to share the love from one Dog Mom to this awesome Dog Dad.

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