Jeon Jong Seo Becomes Empress Woo for New Sageuk at Script Reading with Leading Men Kim Moo Yeol, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Soo Hyuk

Filming has kicked up for what seems like a serious and darker sageuk drama Empress Woo (Queen Woo) and interestingly enough its purely a streaming drama airing on TVING. The drama stars primarily movie actress Jeon Jong Seo in her first sageuk role as the titular character with male leads Kim Moo Yeol, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Soo Hyuk. Her Empress character needs to marry another her deceased husbands’ royal brother in order to protect her family and tribe so it’s likely a palace politics heavy story which is fine. The main cast is excellent and the supporting and veteran cast are all familiar faces. The drama is slated to air in 2024.

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Jeon Jong Seo Takes on First Sageuk Role as the Titular Queen Woo in TVING Drama Opposite Kim Moo Yul, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Soo Hyuk

Okay this is a wow cast and a really odd place to be producing such a drama. TVING has announced an exclusive sageuk drama airing on the streaming platform called Queen Woo. Movie actress Jeon Jong Seo plays the titular … Continue reading