Kim Hye Soo Gets Mad Praise From Western and Korean Critics in Newly Premiered Netflix Legal Drama Juvenile Justice

The Netflix experiment has not done a straight up legal drama until now and it’s getting great reviews if not as much buzz as some other recent Netflix offerings like All of Us are Dead, Hellbound, and Squid Game. This weekend saw the drop of 10-episode legal drama Juvenile Justice on Netflix, starring a veritable four-some of heavy hitting critically acclaimed actors led by Kim Hye Soo, Kim Moo Yeol, Kim Sung Min, and Lee Jung Eun. The four all play judges in the Korean juvenile court systems but with differing methods and beliefs around how to deal with young offenders: rehabilitation, punishment, or a combination of both. Kim Hye Soo is apparently in top form, K-netizens are singing her praises in her enunciation, presence, and delivery while Western critics are seeing her for the first time and commending such a strong female character and performance. Also getting praise the ripped from the headlines child crime cases with solid performances from the teen and young child performers.

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