Jeon Jong Seo Takes on First Sageuk Role as the Titular Queen Woo in TVING Drama Opposite Kim Moo Yul, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Soo Hyuk

Okay this is a wow cast and a really odd place to be producing such a drama. TVING has announced an exclusive sageuk drama airing on the streaming platform called Queen Woo. Movie actress Jeon Jong Seo plays the titular Queen Woo of Goguryeo who loses her husband the King and must consolidate her power as his widow by levirate marriage. The kicker is that it has to happen on 24 hours that she must marry one of the King’s remaining three younger brothers. Ji Chang Wook plays the King and Lee Soo Hyuk plays one of the three princes and Kim Moo Yul is the powerful prime minister. Jung Yumi adds to the cast as the younger sister of the Queen and now her lady in waiting.

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Kang Ha Heul and Han Hyo Joo Lead Rollicking Band of Seafaring Bandits in First Posters for K-movie Pirates 2

Holy hotcakes does this look good! And I mean just that, the characters look great in the upcoming K-movie Pirates 2 (Goblin Flag) but it can clearly suck balls in script and directing when it comes out so for now … Continue reading