Feast of the Gods Releases Second Super Dramatic Teaser

Feast of the Gods with Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook released a second teaser this week, which was definitely more engaging than the first one, but for all the wrong reasons. Wow was it makjangy to the core, what with the suspenseful music, crying, screaming, yelling, and general aura of pain and frustration littered in a measly 30 seconds. I worry FotG might give me indigestion now. The drama continues its snail pace to premiere, releasing stills of the two mom characters engaging in a culinary contest of traditional Korean food. I’m sure the drama laws dictate that they also are battling over secret progeny or other such issues. The drama premieres next weekend, so bring it on with a side of antacid. Upside is that the food porn still looks beautifully delicious. Continue reading