Feast of the Gods with Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook Release First Stills

Early February sees the premiere of a new weekend drama on MBC called Feast of the Gods. Casting was finalized awhile ago, but the drama just started quietly releasing official promotional stills. The show will be partly filmed in Jeju, so the still above is of the lead Sung Yuri filming a melancholy scene on Jeju back in December. I’m totally mesmerized by the colors that I barely noticed if Sung Yuri was smiling or frowning.

Co-starring will be Joo Sang Wook, Lee Sang Woo, and Seo Hyun Jin, all very solid actors that I enjoy watching. Reading the synopsis, that Sung Yuri plays a genius chef who can re-create any dish after tasting it once plus she has a backstory where she was separated from her parents as a child, this drama reminds me of a cross between Gourmet, Fermentation Family, and Spring Waltz. Even more so now that the drama is shown to be filmed on Jeju.

I’ll definitely bank episodes to watch since it’s a weekend drama, but the first stills do look awfully pretty. Paired that the food theme, I’ll probably be lured in for the food porn alone. Below is the official picture of the cast at the script reading. For some reason this casting seems so sane and solid it’s almost boring to discuss. Goes to show I’ve been so traumatized by crazy Korean drama casting shenanigans I almost have a hard time accepting normalcy. Directing will be the PD who did Best Love and Hero (all solid directing work), while the scriptwriter’s previous dramas include the weekend fare Golden Fish and White Lies.


Feast of the Gods with Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook Release First Stills — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, I thought Sung Yu Ri is busy filming Detective Cha with Kang Ji Hwan~~~ But may be since the movie wraps up this week, so her part was completed ages ago so she can do the drama

  2. I love the cast but that writer gives me pause. Golden Fish was beyond insane (and I say that as someone who loves majang).

    With weekend dramas, I find I need to have a balance between too few eps to watch (because the pace is slow) and too many so it looks daunting (where I am at with Ojakgyo Bros).

  3. The cast sounds fantastic but it’s on MBC it’s cursed since their writers always ruin the best plotlines and drag it out essentially ruining all the good storylines. I’m watching A Thousand Kisses and am jus frustrated. Good luck to this cast. You never know with weekend drama’s.

  4. Who is gonna be the male lead? Joo Sang Wook or Lee Sang Woo? I like both of them but adore Joo Sang Wook more. Joo Sang Wook and Sung Yuri will make a good couple.

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