Feast of the Gods with Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook Release First Teaser

The first teaser is out for the upcoming K-drama Feast of the Gods, which is flying so far under the radar it might as well declare itself undercover. The drama stars seasoned actors Sung Yuri, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Sang Woo, and Seo Hyun Jin, with the only synopsis available saying that it is about Korean cuisine. Since it’s a weekend drama on MBC, I figure it’s safe to assume it’s about Korean cuisine plus a dash of makjang ingrediants. When watching the first teaser, I keep getting the feeling that it’s all been there, done that before. Having watched Gourmet and even a few episodes of Fermentation Family, the food porn mixed with meet cute moments and some familial angst looks almost identical. I hope the execution is different enough to give the drama its own flavor. For now, still keeping my eye on this one since I like the cast. FotG premiere on February 4th, 2012.

Feast of the Gods teaser:



Feast of the Gods with Sung Yuri and Joo Sang Wook Release First Teaser — 18 Comments

  1. Joo Sang Wook and foodporn. I say HERE we don’t need a story. And if it goes too far in makjang territory, we can always empty a few buckets of ice cream.

  2. thanks for the post sis! actually i am looking forward to this drama because of the two male leads. Joo Sang Wook had me floored with his performance in Giant, and after that i was totally in love with him! He is one of those guys who really looks so manly. 🙂

    and who can resist the oppa of all oppa?! Lee Sang Woo made me wish that ATDP turned on the most makjang made him Su Ae’s not blood relative and that they would have ended with each other. yeah me and my imagination.

  3. So is Jo Sang Wook the main lead? I was excited for Lee but Jo seems to have more chemistry with Yuri in the trailer. I’m liking that pairing already.

  4. Whilst watching Fermentation Family I’ve learned my lesson to keep a hearty snack handy, otherwise i go cray crayy. All that fresh food….oh, stop it salivary glands!

  5. I’ve been waiting for this drama ever since I heard about the cast. I’ve never watched Gourmet or Fermentation Family, but whenever I see food (porn) on my screen, I have the urge to eat it. I hope the drama is good enough that the cast isn’t wasted. Joo Sang Wook hasn’t had an awesome drama since Giant, so I hope this drama changes that. Thanks for the teaser~

  6. I also like Joo Sang Wook since Giant. Hope this drama is good.

    I seem to watch lots of food dramas recently such as Lunch queen and Hungry!.

  7. Read the short sypnosis of the drama. Believing it will be good as as her previous dramas.
    By the way, have not read much about YuRi Sung. Wants to know more about her. Her program Launch My Life is just awesome letting her fans to know her more. Hope the program would not stop here but it will continue. Through this program we see that YuRi is such a nice person, humble, honest, and easy going. Her friends are lucky to have her. Keep up the good work.

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