The Star-studded Cast of the Live Action Movie Adaptation of Gintama Hold Press Conference

There’s nothing that a person in a Elizabeth ducky costume doesn’t make a billion times better just by being in the same frame. The press conference for the upcoming highly anticipated live-action Japanese movien adaptation of super popular shonen fantasy swordsman manga Gintama (Silver Soul) took place this week in Tokyo, looking like the best looking group of friends heading out for a summer matsuri festival. The cast was all decked out in yukatas, summer lighter versions of kimonos, and boy does it make the event way more visually appealing. The movie stars Oguri Shun, Suda Masaki, Hashimoto Kanna, Okada Masaki, Nagasawa Masami, Yagira Yuya, Yoshizawa Ryo, Domota Tsuyoshi, and Nanao, in a tale filled with slapstick humor and action set in the mashup world of old school Japanese samurai and aliens. Bring on the weirdness, the first full movie trailer looks totally da bomb! Continue reading

More Spot On Character Posters for Highly Anticipated J-movie Adaptation of Popular Manga Gintama

More character posters are out for the highly anticipated summer Japanese movie live-action adaptation of popular shonen manga Gintama (Silver Soul). The first set of movie posters released last month were of the three main characters – Oguri Shun as … Continue reading