K-drama Poll: Looking Forward and Back at 2013 Offerings Thus Far

In a week or so the first quarter of 2013 will wrap up nice and tidy with many K-dramas ending just in time for new ones to arrive and herald the start of the second quarter. Normally I don’t take a temperature gauge since there is always a few dramas that interest me each period. 2013 started off promisingly enough with Flower Boy Next Door, and I was one of the few that loved the drama from beginning-to-end. But even then, it wasn’t a mania drama and the general feeling I got from the blogosphere was a sense of ennui. Either that or people were just tired from indulging over the holidays. I’m hoping that April will shake me out of my drama doldrums with the arrival of a big batch of new offerings. I have my biases, of course, but what are you most interested in? Will it be a snappy workplace comedy like God of the Workplace with the always glamorous Kim Hye Soo? Dying to seeĀ Lee Seung Gi transformed into a half-man/half-beast in Gu Family Book? Might Lee Dong Wook running all over Joseon in Mandate of Heaven tickle your fancy? Will Song Seung Heon‘s quest as a man to find love hook you? Are you anxiously awaiting Kim Tae Hee‘s version of famed historical personage Jang Ok Jung and seeing her seducing Yoo Ah In? Or will it be Shin Ha Kyun trying to out-maneuver Lee Min Jung in politics will wooing her in private? This is actually a very meaty and diverse range of offerings, with the moderns ranging from office romance to melodrama, while the period dramas run the gamut from fantasy legend to serious historical intrigue. While I think there is something from everyone, if all these dramas turn out to suck then it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen and at least one drama floats my (and your) boat. Continue reading