K-drama Poll: Looking Forward and Back at 2013 Offerings Thus Far

In a week or so the first quarter of 2013 will wrap up nice and tidy with many K-dramas ending just in time for new ones to arrive and herald the start of the second quarter. Normally I don’t take a temperature gauge since there is always a few dramas that interest me each period. 2013 started off promisingly enough with Flower Boy Next Door, and I was one of the few that loved the drama from beginning-to-end. But even then, it wasn’t a mania drama and the general feeling I got from the blogosphere was a sense of ennui. Either that or people were just tired from indulging over the holidays. I’m hoping that April will shake me out of my drama doldrums with the arrival of a big batch of new offerings. I have my biases, of course, but what are you most interested in? Will it be a snappy workplace comedy like God of the Workplace with the always glamorous Kim Hye Soo? Dying to see Lee Seung Gi transformed into a half-man/half-beast in Gu Family Book? Might Lee Dong Wook running all over Joseon in Mandate of Heaven tickle your fancy? Will Song Seung Heon‘s quest as a man to find love hook you? Are you anxiously awaiting Kim Tae Hee‘s version of famed historical personage Jang Ok Jung and seeing her seducing Yoo Ah In? Or will it be Shin Ha Kyun trying to out-maneuver Lee Min Jung in politics will wooing her in private? This is actually a very meaty and diverse range of offerings, with the moderns ranging from office romance to melodrama, while the period dramas run the gamut from fantasy legend to serious historical intrigue. While I think there is something from everyone, if all these dramas turn out to suck then it doesn’t matter what genre it is. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen and at least one drama floats my (and your) boat.

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K-drama Poll: Looking Forward and Back at 2013 Offerings Thus Far — 53 Comments

  1. Truth is if it wasn’t for FBND and later TWTWB I would have had the crappiest first quarter of my K-drama viewing experience so far.

    K-Drama land better recharge or re invent its self cause its been using and doing the same thing over an over and actually doing increasingly worse…

  2. I voted quit, but I probably wouldn’t quit. Just looking for something that I can get into. Last show I watched fully and enjoyed mostly was Nice Guy. Though it’s been since QIHM and TK2H (which was a year ago!?) that I’ve really loved something. Been kind of a disappointing offering lately. Looking forward mostly to GFB, but I’ll check out All About My Love too. When a Man Loves is full of pretty, but nope not getting into melos for awhile.

    • Yeah! thanks for that totally forgot YTBLSS which has been a ray of sunshine in this other wise blaek winter in K-dramaland, after FBND.

    • Oh yeah that’s true. Although it’s a little too early for me to decide. But I would probably change my vote from almost quitting to so-so lol. 7GCS was so-so in the beginning and now just crap. SIGH. I’m excited for Gu Family Book and Lee Dong Wook/Song Ji Hyo!

  3. Oh, looking back, the only drama I watched last quarter was FBND. I liked it a lot but not going crazy over it, just enough to follow blogs and tumblr to spy people’s reactions and steal gifs left and right 😀 Other than that, nothing caught me! I am not hoping for a change comes the 2nd quarter of 2013. Out of the offerings, I only mildly interest in 1 drama. I don’t even plan to check out the others, based on their synopsis and/or cast. So, maybe another 3-month of re-watching old favourites for me, waiting for summer to come.

  4. Well I’m actually not interested in any of them but who knows I may feel differently when I watch a few eps. The only thing I’m interested in is War of the Flowers and End of the World.

  5. it was pretty good for me as I liked School 2013, FBND was good if not great….and I’m liking Incarnation of Money a lot…and also You’re the best lee soon shin is sweet so far 🙂

    therefore, satisfied 😀

    Looking forward to Gu Family Book and God of the workplace..

  6. I’m not a HUGE fan of Lee Seung Gi. Although, I would probably watch it for Sung Joon, the bodyguard and nothing more. Not a huge fan of Suzy…I prefer IU in her weekend drama…or at least all the characters around her. But then again, I am bias because of my poor perception of Big…the big failure that it was. Didn’t help that Suzy played an annoying character…although I was fairly annoyed with Yubin’s Character in Nice Guy too…but she turned around…so there’s a silver lining for you yet Suzy!

    I’m not in love with Kim Tae Hee. Sometimes she’s pretty, other times, she just looks weird (to me, personal opinion people, everyone is allowed that at least so don’t start hating). So…I’m not really interested in that sageuk. I’d prefer Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook any day. So..I guess those two dramas. Not a fan of Lee Min Jung, seems like she plays typical characters every time…I wanna see her in something different. Until that happens. NOooppee, no loving from me! Same goes for Song Seung Heon

    Dramas that I was interested in this year: School 2013 (LOVED), Nine Time Travels (loving it so far), Incarnation of Money (although…i follow it periodically, not religiously), and That Winter the Wind Blows..just cuz it’s so pleasing to the eyes. 🙂

    So not so bad in my opinion

    • Totally with on Kim Tae Hee. I actually never find her pretty (let alone the goddess kind of beautiful as others see her) – she is some what, *searching for the right word*, “plain” to me..

      I will totally watch Lee Dong Wook in whatever he’s in (yep, he’s my bias) and All About Love for both Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung

      • Sung Joon is the lead male in Shut Up Flower Band, pretty impressive drama ^^ oh, and he played as Kang Ji Hwan’s lil brother in Lie to me too. Btw, I’m also HUGE FAN of Seung Gi, people has their own opinion dear 🙂

  7. Its been a boring first quarter….FBND was the only show I really liked thtoughout but then even that wasn’t that entertaining….i’m not including the wonderful Childless Comfort since it started airing last year…I’m not honestly that interested by most of the upcoming crop either…only All about my Romance really excites me….I plan on checking out the sageuks (Mandate, GFB and JOJ) but all of them have something or the other that makes me wary (Suzy, Kim Tae Hee, writers) so I’m keeping my expectations low there…I am however anticipating shows later in the summer like Shark and Godess of Fire

  8. I haven’t really had much interest in any of the dramas from 2013 so far, except FBND. I did watch parts of L7CS, but about seven episodes in I just stopped caring.

    The only thing I’m really looking forward to is Gu Family Book. It looks like it has an interesting story and of course there’s a good cast. Normally I’d also check out Kim Tae Hee’s new drama (I admit that I’m a bit of fan) but I just can’t muster up enough interest in it. It seems blah.

    Overall this year’s dramas have been kind of blah to me. I don’t know if it’s just because last year was filled with so many things that caught my interest that by comparison this year seems dull….or if this really is just that dull.

    Either way, hoping the Spring season picks things up.

  9. The only K-drama I’ve watched this year is KoD… have yet to finish it.

    In addition to GFB, I am looking fwd to TEN S2 and RMPW SP!! Have read good reviews of JJS’s show… will check it out when it’s aired 30 some episodes.

  10. Despite knowing that KTH may be utter failure along with the actual drama writing I’m for some strange reason, wanting know what happens.

    • Okay, maybe it’s just that King Sukjong’s story is basically the not so evil Henry VIII of Korea. Which, as overdone as it is, is always prime drama material.

  11. My love and appreciation for FBND were greatly enhanced by wonderful contributions made by others in the kdrama blogosphere and tumblrsphere~ thanks so much, Koala, and all the others who participated in the lovefest. Apart from FBND, Q1 was a pretty disenchanting quarter for me… my expectations are rather low for Q2 as well, but maybe that’s a good thing?

  12. I think those that appreciated FBND really loved it, but it was a pretty mellow drama so I wouldn’t expect extreme enthusiasm or treating it like it was a sensational drama. It was great though; I really enjoyed it!
    Also loving and am pretty invested in That Winter the Wind Blows.

    Looking forward to this upcoming quarter though. 😀 It seems like sageuk heaven.

  13. I have had no complaints… This year started off pretty good kdrama wise. I have always had a drama to watch that kept me entertained and happy. Fbnd, school 2013, twtwb, hundred year inheritance, and incarnation of money have kept me watching. Now variety shows…That’s a whole mess I am not happy with. The only good show is running man. I was a little happy with wgm until they took out julien kang couple and then romantic and idol was watchable but now there is nothing else to watch. Shinhwa broadcast is never subbed or not even able to be uploaded. 1n2d is never subbed or uploaded either.

  14. The only drama I watched this year was FBND, King of Dramas, and Can We Get Married? but I don’t really count the last two since they carried over from last year. The only thing I can see myself watching is Gu Family book for LSG alone, even though I’m not really a sageuk person and maybe All About My Love for Lee Min-jung. I’m trying to cut down on my drama watching anyway, so maybe this dry spell is a blessing.

  15. Still liking Level 7 Civil Servant…Rom-Com Check. Joo Won Check. I’ve thrown logic out the window and my thoughts on how this drama could have been so much better. Now I’m just enjoying it for Joo Won and the wrap up of this poorly written spy plot. This drama was cute, but falls under the coulda, woulda, shoulda category for me, so much potential untapped.

    FBND was completely the opposite for me and was a cute ray of sunshine in this cold dark winter. Love Park Shin Hye (I’m glad she’s returned to dramas) and her chemistry with Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon was perfect!

  16. Don’t know if this counts as one from the last quarter but KING OF DRAMA – my absolute love from last year or ever!!!

  17. Lee seung gi is the thing i’m looking forward to, The king 2 heart was my top drama last year. And there is really no drama theses which make me go crazzy xd I need my drugs back!

  18. Loved FBND! It was enjoyable at so many different levels. It stimulated my brain, was pleasing to eyes and was soothing to ears. The rest have not appealed enough to invest my time on them.
    For the next quarter, will be watching GFB because of LSG only.

  19. The 1st quarter of 2013 / last quarter of 2012 have been pretty lukewarm. Enjoyed KoD and Childless Comfort, but didn’t make me go crazy like I did for City Hunter & TK2H.

    I’m currently following Yawang (JDH is one of the most evil villain I’ve ever seen in K-Drama, too many plot holes but somehow I keep watching it – I’m weird :D), TWTWB (visually gorgeous), IRIS2 (big disappointment, watching it only because of Jang Hyuk who thankfully is not a zombie anymore & Lee Bum Soo) and You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin. Will marathon Incarnation of Money since I love the combo PD-Scriptwriter.

    For the 2nd quarter, looking forward to JOJ, All about Romance, and GFB.

    Variety-show; I’m addicted to “Dad, where are we going” aka Appa Odiga. The kids are really cute, adorable and witty. Love the interactions between the dads and their kids.

  20. It was pretty uneventful for the first half.
    KOD, I really liked, and FBND, of course.

    But, you know what, Koala, because of that, I got to watch a ton of Chinese language shows, and really really enjoyed them.

    Many good things happened to me during that time:
    Ethan, (your) Vic, Jerry, Jiro, Roy, Vaness, Chris Wu, Mark Chao, ALL the Princes but mostly LGX, Joseph “Shoulders” Chang.

    Nothing nothing delivers that floaty happy feeling like a T – drama. As soon as one is done, I crave another one.
    I am glad Subsitute Princess is out there, and DGGG is almost done being subbed! THANK YOU SUBBERS!!!

    • I’m glad an uneventful K-drama period got you to enjoy some quality TW-dramas and C-dramas. I love all the men above as well – Zai Zai, Chris, Ethan, Roy, Vanness, Mark, Jerry, Joseph, Jiro….that is some awesome goodness right there.

      Please join the King Flower/Substitute Princess bandwagon. I need to share some FEELS.

      • I still have a ginormous crush on Mark Chao. Hmmmm, maybe it’s time to rewatch Black & White…I should get in all my marathoning before I start grad school in the fall and have no more time.

    • I tried 100 years (hard to watch Eugene playing victim ALL the time), horse doc (no chemistry), incarnation, iris2 (overseas shoots and posing with guns don’t make a cool spy flik), level7, winter (movie version is enuff), and none managed to jumpstart my K-drama heart. The mega long dramas don’t have enough material to sustain the run. It has been a dismal K-drama start. The last one that was worthwhile was King of Dramas. Since you indulged in Taiwan fare, would you recommend My Splendid Life?

  21. I guess Im the only one who wasnt wowed by FBND, though I enjoyed it the Heroine actually annoyed me quite a bit, the Boys were all too nice and awesome to her while she walloped in her self pity and self nurtured anxieties, (other People suffer too you know).
    I got to say there many Dramas that I enjoyed last year but this year so far has fallen short for me. Though I do like IUs new Drama and I am really looking Forward to GU Family Book, because his recent Dramas have endeared Lee Seung Gi to me and I liked Suzy even in the mess that was BIG, while that Drama sucked I found her character funny. Also I loved Hye mi. So im really looking Forward to that Pairing and Fusion sageuks have become my favourite Drama genre, all the pretty clothes and sets, though I could do without the ridiculous intriques, but unfortunatly you find that stuff in modern rom-coms as well. Rooftop Prince for ex. would have been awesome without the stupid Company/Family plot.

  22. in 2013, i only watched FBND and running man.
    FBND didn’t make me addicted to watch like YAB and the story is too simple compared to TK2H, BM, NG. But this drama is really great about giving life lessons. From all korean dramas that i’ve watched before, this is the first drama which gives me some inspiration after watching

    For 2nd quarter, maybe i will watch Gu family book (because of LSG only) and Mandate of Heaven (ace ji hyo 🙂 )

  23. FBND was fun at the beginning but i just can’t finish it. I just lost interest at the couple last episodes. This days it’s hard to find a drama that i can sit and watch until the end. I always left at the middle. It’s either the writing get crappy or the OTP doesn’t attract me anymore. Well,that’s just me..lol So i was hoping for Gu Family Book,please please be awesome because good is just not enough to keep me watching.

  24. I’m gonna check out Jang Ok Jung. Hopefully I’ll make it past the first few episodes. I also might peek at Lee Dong Wook’s sageuk. Maybe it will be a surprise hit. I can hope, right?

  25. I am digging Incarnation of Money. The jokes are over-the-top and ridiculous, but I expected that after Salaryman. It’s definitely got me on the edge of my seat at times. I also like Lee Tae Baek. I like how the romance developed through friendship and camaraderie, and the female lead is both competent at work and generally a good person. The absolute worst drama I’ve watched this year is Hundred Year’s Inheritance. It’s such a train wreck.

  26. The only Kdrama I am watching HYI. It is all sorts of crazy crap but I really have a lot of love for Eugene and LJJ from STLDFM and LSAH so I just had to see them as an OTP. Well, we are nowhere near that right now so I need to step back from it. So far the experience has only been craptastic, but there are a lot more episodes to go and it’s a weekend one so my expectations are properly aligned.

    The only other drama I watched was Moonie’s CDA. We all know how that ended up. That was all sorts of crazy as well. I just couldn’t get into anything else. I have been rewatching DY and that’s it for kdramaland. I also watched Only You again hoping to get into Ad Genius. But didn’t happen.

    I am not really looking forward to any of the dramas coming up. I am hoping that JOJ will be good and LSG’s drama will be good. Other than that, nada.

  27. I almost quit watching k-drama with all the pathetic dramas airing…..the last drama I truly enjoyed watching was Nice Guy and Flower Boy Next Door.But after hearing news about a new Lee Seung Gi drama,I have decided to endure all the crappiness that passes for a drama nowadays.

  28. I quit watching kdrama after finishing FBND, since they are not that interesting anymore compared last year.Hope Lee Sung Gi’s Gu Family Book will be quirky, funny & interesting to watch.

    Quite disappointed with Jeon Woochi series, I really like the movie but the series is a so, so..though I love Cha Tae Hyun & UEE.

  29. The only K-dramas that have interested me this year so far are FBND and TWTWB.

    I may give Gu Family Book and Mandate of Heaven a try.

  30. Kdramas nowadays are a bore…really borefest!I feel pity for myself watching every first and 2nd eps and goes instant last ep just to cut the losses..but I’m still doing it until now just to see if a gem is coming. I’ll try to see if Gu family book is that gem this year though I am never been a fan of LSG’s acting but I like A Gentleman’s Dignity (a bit) and Baker King so I don’t care about the lead as long as the story is good I’ll check it out.

  31. I’m really looking forward to most of the dramas coming out soon as opposed to the lackluster feeling I had about many of the new dramas coming out early this year. I knew it was going to be a slightly entertaining time and nothing else. Can’t wait for all the saeguks!

  32. The only drama I’ve really enjoyed lately is “Flower Boy Next Door.” Before that I did watch “Can We Get Married?” and liked it a lot, but I can’t remember if that was this year. Other than that, this year I’ve been catching up on old dramas I never saw. Currently watching “Can You Hear My Heart?”; no one told me it was makjang. Is it going to go full makjang? Help me.

  33. I’m really hoping Heartless City will be in your end of year review. I know, I’m jumping ahead of myself but it sucks not seeing such an awesome drama be mentioned more on this blog 🙁

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