The Roy Qiu Resurgence Tour Continues as When a Man Loves Become 6th Highest Grossing TW-movie of All Time, He Gets Best Actor Nomination, and C-netizens Upset about the Mandarin Dub of the Movie

Oh how, like, a decade changes everything lol. TW-actor Roy Qiu is having a career best year in 2021, though he’s had plenty good ones before in his nearly 15 year long career. Thanks to the TW-movie When a Man Loves, adapted from the same name Korean movie, it’s nonstop accolades and success his way. His role of the gangster with a soft squishy heart just wanting a chance to love just got him nominated for Best Actor at the prestigious Taipei Film Festival, and he’s the favorite to win among a murder’s row of nominees in Chris Wu, Chang Chen, Tony Yang, and Umin Boya. The movie was still raking in the Taiwan box office as of last week, becoming the 6th highest grossing domestic movie of all time, though COVID-19 has fully shut down Taiwan now so all theaters are closed in the foreseeable weeks. The movie is getting a Mainland China release and C-fans are super excited, totally un-cancelling Roy after his messy breakup with Tang Yan nearly a decade ago. The C-netizens are not happy though, that the movie is getting a Mainland China dub where Roy dubs over his own dialogue which was a mixture of Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese spoken with a strong Taiwanese accent with now Beijing accented Mandarin Chinese. Everyone wants the release to keep the original dialogue and I’m glad artistic original voice is getting such support over for this movie as Roy’s dialogue has been called one of the shining points of what makes the film touching and authentic.

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