Idol-actress Yeonwoo Changes Agency to 9ato and is Cast as Second Female Lead in Upcoming MBC Drama Golden Spoon with Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon

My favorite rom-com last year in 2021 was Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dal Ri and Gamjatang) and it was there I got to meet idol turned actress Yeonwoo for the first time. It was a slight type of role, nothing memorable, but she was cute and brought a strong onscreen charm and no glaring acting flaws to detract from playing her part. She’s continuing onward in her acting journey by changing agencies, this week signing with 9ato Entertainment which reps Jung Il Woo and Han So Hee. It’s a small(er) agency but clearly on an acquisition streak to bring in promising talent. With the agency switch also comes news that Yeonwoo has been cast as the second female lead in upcoming MBC drama Golden Spoon (Gold Spoon) with Yook Sung Jae and Jung Chae Yeon. It’s a full idol-acting cast as the leads but no one that offends my sensibilities for their acting ability so hopefully the drama utilizes everyone’s talents and tells a fun story.

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