J-movie Terraformars Set on Future Mars Unveils Epic Cast of Oguri Shun, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Yamada Takayuki

By all that is holy I need this movie NOW. The epic cast of upcoming J-movie Terraformars has been filming since May but the movie is headed to Iceland next month for a full scale location shoot, and finally revealing to the public the crazy insane awesome cast assembled for this wild Mars ride. Terraformars, adapted from a popular shonen manga, is led by veteran leading man Hideaki Ito with a youngster cast consisting of Oguri Shun, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Takayuki, Takei Emi, Kikuchi Rinko, Kato Masaya, Kosugi Kane, and many more.

I had a genuine “sorry? come again?” moment when I read the cast list. Seriously, Yamapi, Shun, and Takayuki in the same movie? Even throwing in popular wet blanket Emi doesn’t dim my raging need for this movie. Even more exciting is having Terraformers directed by critically acclaimed Japanese director Miike Takashi, who has directed so many movies I can’t even list them all if I tried but some of his most famous works include Audition, Crows Zero (reuniting with both Shun and Takayuki), 13 Assassins, and most recently in As the Gods Will. Miike Takashi directing this bunch in a crazy future space movie set on Mars armed with a hefty budget. Oh hells yeah! Continue reading