I Need Romance 2012 Gears Up for Premiere Next Week with New Trailers

I’m not sure why tvN scheduled a week break between the end of Queen In Hyun’s Man and the premiere of its follow up drama I Need Romance 2012, but that just leaves us with another week until INR2 hits the screens. Starring quirky and loveable Jung Yumi, stiff and charming Lee Jin Wook, and rascally Kim Ji Seok, INR2 exists because the original provided a refreshing and candid look at modern dating in Seoul. It wasn’t realistic per se (everyone was so good looking, and there was even a chaebol secret involved), but the take on messy emotional connections was indeed quite candid. This time around, Jung Yumi finds herself toggling between ex-boyfriend Lee Jin Wook and new boy toy Kim Ji Seok. On paper this is so been there-done that, but I can’t wait to see the set up, personalities, and histories involved. Check out the two new teasers, which confirm INR2 won’t skip out on the steamy make out scenes. Continue reading