I Need Romance 2 Releases First Stills from the Drama

I’m so onboard with I Need Romance 2 its not even funny. Despite the abysmal track record of K-dramas with sequels (Dream High 2 anyone?), I think this will work because its merely taking the same modern dating concepts with a new cast and new love lines. I would prefer is Lee Jin Wook‘s boyfriend character wasn’t a cheating cheater like Kim Heon Joon‘s character was in the original INR, but I can’t wait to see him fight for his lady love Jung Yumi with his real life best friend Kim Ji Seok as his onscreen rival for Jung Yumi’s affections. Playing Jung Yumi’s trio of female friends are Kim Ji Woo, Kang Ye Sol, and Kim Sin Ah. INR2 premieres on cable network tvN on May 28th. Have some first stills from the drama.


I Need Romance 2 Releases First Stills from the Drama — 18 Comments

  1. Will definitely be watching because LJW was my favorite part of Spy Myung Wol and the
    original INR was wickedly funny.

  2. So looking forward to this! What I enjoyed about INR was that it showed that relationships aren’t easy and that it takes work. I’m also hoping that the bf character isn’t a cheating jerk but still hopefully Jung Yumi and him will have great chemistry.

  3. Looks FUN! You guys have to watch Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok’s Strong Heart episode, they’re so incredulously hilarious together. KJS’s the outwardly outspoken one while LJW’s the shy and reserved one.. their bromance is just <33333.

    It'd be fun to see them fight for the girl in INR2. Jung Yumi is a damn lucky woman!

  4. I lah Kim Ji Seok!!! OMO, this guy is yum yum and he has the quiet and sincere charm that just makes you take a second, third, fourth look until you just love him to bits!!

  5. So looking forward to this! Jung Yumi is a great actress, and Lee Jinwook is HAWT (but what the hell is going on with his hair?). The girlfriends look absolutely adorable, how are they going to pass as 30-somethings?

  6. Jung Yumi looks so hot, I absolutely loved her in Que Sera Sera so I’ll be looking forward to her return to dramaland. Lee Jin Wook really needs to get rid of his hobo hair but apart from that looking good in a suit. I don’t think I’ll be able to dig his character if he ends up a cheater like in I Need Romance 1 because his real life personality is so lovable and dorky that it be impossible to imagine him cheating.

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