First Rose Tinted Poster for J-dorama I’m Your Destiny with Kame, Yamapi, and Kimura Fumino

I super can’t wait for the arrival of spring romance dorama I’m Your Destiny (Boku, Unmei no hitodesu), not just for the reunion of bromance from ten years ago Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya but also for the promised cuteness of a fluffy rom-com. Doesn’t hurt that female lead Kimura Fumino is all sorts of awesome, she is basically a take no prisoners type acting charisma inside a petite cute visual package. Even more hilarious is that the second female lead will be Nanao, who has such a twisted connection with Fumino when they did the fantastic police thriller Siren in late 2015. The first peek at the dorama is here with the above poster showing romantic leads Kame and Fumino tied together with the red string of fate being manipulated by mysterious Yamapi.  Continue reading