Arrested PD of Produce 101 Admits to Vote Rigging for Season 1 IOI and Season 2 Wanna One Results

What I hate the most about the vote rigging scandal is how many devoted young fans feel lied to and angry about this coming to light. I almost wish it didn’t, or that the results of Season 3 and Season 4 weren’t that egregious that even diehard fans revolted and insisted on an investigation. The arrested PD for Produce 101 has admitted to vote rigging for the most recent 2 seasons but upon further investigation has also revealed that there was vote rigging in the originals season of girls who formed I.O.I and more crazy the second season of boys that created the insanely popular group Wanna One. Like, even a non K-pop follower like me knows about I.O.I and Wanna One. This is basically the death knell for Produce 101 but if you said the kids should have known this stuff was always insider decided that’s probably true but youngsters still wanted to believe the selection control was with them and shilled out tons of money voting and supporting so there was clear fraud and actionable criminal swindling. Now we’ll never know who was the real number 1 center pick for any season and everything related to Produce 101 feels tainted. Continue reading